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Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Qualification :B.E. (ECE), M.E.(COMMN. SYSTEMS), (PH.D)
Experience :10.11 (Y.M)
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Academic Profile
Paper Publication (International)1
Awards / Achievements1
Paper Presentation 1
Short Term Course5
Training Course2
Expert Talk6

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Survey of DoS Attacks, detections & Prevention frameworks for SIP proxy Server--March 2014Published paper in International Journal of Innovative research in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET), volume 3, Special Issue 3, March 2014. ISSN(online):2319-8753 ISSN(Print): 2347-6710

Awards / Achievements
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Mission 10X Learning Approach Practitioners Certificate24-02-200925-02-20092 DaysMission 10X Learning Approach Practitioners Certificate for attending 5 days of development program and its the recognition of the efforts in planning, preparing and implementing MxLA in the classroom

Paper Presentation
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Survey of DoS Attacks, detections & Prevention frameworks for SIP proxy Server--March 2014Presented in International conference on Innovations in engineering and technology, KLNCE.

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. International Test Conference - An Initiative to support India's Semiconductor Growth22-07-201822-07-2018One DayEvent was happened in Bangalore, Radisson Blu, Marathahalli, Bangalore
2. System Design Flow on Zynq using Xilinx SDSoC28-06-201729-06-20172 DaysWorkshop on System Design flow on Zynq using Xilinx SDSoC
3. VLSI Design Laboratory11-01-201712-01-2017Two DaysVLSI Design Workshop held for Back end Tools. Resource person from Bangalore came and explained the Laboratory course experiments
4. VLSI Design Laboratory11-01-201712-01-2017Two DaysVLSI Design Workshop held for Back end Tools. Resource person from Bangalore came and explained the Laboratory course experiments
5. Big Data Analytics22-06-201601-07-2016Ten DaysBig Data Analytics is Sponsored by DST, Big Data Initiatives Division(BDID) It covers Data Science basics, Models, Advanced Models, Finding Structures in Data, MapReduce and Hadoop, Analyzing Data in Motion, Database and Operationalizing big data & Case Studies. KLNCIT venue
6. OpenCV & MATLAB Training on Image & Video Processing19-03-201620-03-20162 DaysOpenCV & MATLAB Training on Image & Video Processing. Coordinated by ECE faculty, KLNCE, Venue DSP lab. Alumni Students as trainers. IIPC Sponsored Program
7. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations04-03-201604-03-2016One dayOne day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations Conducted by Quality Circle-Advanced Research and Development (QC-ARD), KLNCE. Resource Person-Anna University-Centre for IPR.
8. DSP for Educators - ARM University Program01-03-201603-03-20163 Days Workshop/Hands On3 Days Workshop/Hands On Training in DSP-Cypress Spansion FM4 EVM. Venue IIIT, Bangalore. Prof. Donald S Reay is a lecturer in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Delivered the lecture and hands-on. Coordinated by ACCS, Bangalore
9. Xilinx Vivado Design Flow & High Level Synthesis flow using Zynq11-02-201612-02-20162 DaysXilinx Vivado & Zynq synhesis flow workshop conducted by CG-CoreEL technologies, bangalore in VLSI Lab, ece dept, KLNCE
10. Embedded System & Sensor Technology11-09-201512-09-20152 DaysWorkshop on Embedded Systems and Sensor Technology
11. Embedded System with ARM Micro controller08-09-201509-09-20152 DaysWorkshop on Embedded system with ARM Microcontroller
12. Electronics & Communication Engineering-Recent Trends in Embedded Computing System Design11-05-201524-05-201514 DaysAICTE Sponsored Summer Winter School Scheme, organized by Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Cbe, Session Covered TI C2000, PIC 16F877A, Rasberry Pi, Arduino Uno, Linux Device Driver, RTOS, Software Defined Network topics ... conducted by different companies in and around Cbe
13. Introduction to Robotics16-03-201517-03-201516th, 17th March, 2015e-Yantra, Sponsored project by MHRD, under NMEICT,(National Mission on Education through ICT). Conducted by ERTS Lab Dept of CSE, IITB, Conducted in Dept of ECE, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College.
14. FDP on "Digital Custom IC design using Cadance Systems Custom Design Flow"19-02-201520-02-201519-02-2015 & 20-02-2015Entuple Technologies conducted a FDP on Digital IC design using Cadance Systems, in Dept of ECE, KLNCE
15. FDP on "AUTODESK Education Day-Autodesk Tools in Electricals & Electronics, Engineering Applications"30-01-201530-01-201530-01-2015GADS software Education, Mdu conducted a one day FDP in Dept of EEE, KLNCE
16. Achieving Competitive Strategy in Human Resource Management21-07-201427-07-201421/07/14 to 27/07/14ISTE-SRM short term training programme on "Achieving Competitive Strategy in Human Resource Management' organized by Dept of Management Studies, AUT-M and Sponsored by ISTE and SRM. Session topics are MATLAB, Android, Simulink by Industry professionals and Academicians from Karunya University, Mech dept
17. Advances in Microwave and Optical Communication Technologies29-04-201312-05-201329-04-13 to 12-05-13KLNCE, ECE dept organized AICTE Sponsored FDP on Advances in Mw and Optical Communication Technologies, by Prof.S.C.Siva Prakash, ECE. AY2012-2013
18. Recent Trends and Research Challenges in Wireless Networks28-09-201230-09-201228/09/12 to 30/09/12National workshop is organised by Dept of CSE, PSG Tech. Lectures were presented by Eminent professors from PSG, IISc, bangaluru, Industry Professionals in association with Advanced Computing and Communication Society (ACCS), Coimbatore
19. LabView Training program in TIFAC CORE in TCE06-12-201109-12-20114 DaysTraining program on LabView in TCE
20. Simulation & Analysis of Wireless Networks using NS-2 Tool - A Beginner's Approach20-10-201121-10-201120-21 Oct'11Venue: Kongu Engg. College Experts: Mr. Joseph Jude, KEC Org by ECE dept. in association with IIPC
21. Data Structures Using C01-08-201102-08-20111-2 Aug'11Venue: M.A.M College of Engg, Trichy Experts: ICTACT ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu 2 day Master Trainer Program SKILLEDGE
22. Research Issues & Challenges in Medical Imaging21-07-201122-07-201121-22 July'11Venue: PSNA College of Engg Experts: TCE CSIR Sponsored 2 Day National Seminar Organised by Biomedical Engg.
23. MATLAB for Engineering Education16-03-201116-03-201116/03/11Mathworks Inc, Conducted a one day seminar on MATLAB for Engineering Education in Radisson Hotel, Chennai. Lecture Delivered by Mathworks Application Engineers. Software - MATLAB
24. Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Measurement15-03-201115-03-201115/03/11Mathworks Inc, Conducted a one day seminar on Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Measurement in Radisson Hotel, Chennai. Lecture Delivered by Mathworks Application Engineers. Software - MATLAB
25. Digital Image processing applications and challenges"07-01-201108-01-201107-01-11 To 08-01-11Workshop on DIP. Resource Persons from AUT-C, TCE. Venue: KLNCE, VLSI Lab
26. CAN Architecture & Programming29-10-201029-10-201029-10-2010Anna university of Technology,Coimbatore conducted CAN Architecture & Programming workshop in association with ISM,Bangalore.
27. Next Generation Mobile Operating Sysems - ANDROID a Case Study25-03-201027-03-201025-03-2010 To 27-03-2010Development of Applications based on ANDROID Operating Systems Venue: TCE
28. Research Funding and Patent Methodologies in Engineering & Technology04-03-201005-03-20102 DaysResearch Funding and Patent Methodologies in Engineering & Technology, conducted in KLNCE, ECE department
29. Bio-Telematics29-01-201030-01-201029-01-2010 To 30-01-2010Survey & Research directions of Bio Telematics Venue: K.S.R college of Tech, Tiruchengode. Sponsored by: CSIR
30. Ultra Wide Band Communication Systems30-11-200930-11-200930-11-2009Presentation of Scholars on Filter Design & Antenna Design Venue: Pondicherry Engineering college
31. Simulation & Emulation using QUALNET - Network Simulator Software26-09-200926-09-200926/09/09PSG College & Applied Digital Micrologics India Ltd Organises a one day workshop on QualNet. Resource Person-ADM.Venue:Auditorium, PSG.
32. National workshop "Application of Microcontrollers for Embedded Systems24-07-200925-07-200924-07-2009 To 25-07-2009AICTE Sponsored National Workshop Venue: Easwari Engineering college
33. Simulation Tools for R&D Works:VLSI Back End & Communication Systems03-07-200904-07-20092 Days2 days FDP on Simulation Tools for R&D Works:VLSI Back End & Communication Systems. In VLSI lab, ECE Dept, KLNCE
34. Workshop on Mission10X conducted by Wipro05-01-200909-01-200905-01-09 to 09-01-09Workshop on Mission10X conducted by Wipro
35. IBM tivoli Storage Manager15-12-200817-12-200815-12-2008 To 17-12-2008IBM Academic Initiative - IBM tivoli Storage Manager Venue: KLNCIT
36. NI Educators Day21-11-200821-11-20081 DayNI Educators Day. This is a annual technical forum for faculty and research scholars meet
37. IBM Rational Tools26-12-200729-12-200726-12-2007 To 29-12-2007IBM Rational Tools Venue: KLNCE

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Pedagogical Innovations and Best Practices for Skill Based Academic Leadership07-05-201812-05-20186 DaysAbout Academic Excellence and Skill Based Learning

Short Term Course
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Altera Tool Kit03-10-201103-10-201103/10/11Altera Tool Kit
2. System On Chip - PSoC03-04-201103-04-201103/04/11Lecture Delivered by Cypress Semiconductors. Venue-VLSI Lab. Software - PSoC.
3. ISTE Sponsored program on "LabView for Begineers"29-03-201129-03-201129/03/11LABVIEW Program
4. ISTE Student Sponsored Workshop on "Matlab for Beginners"29-09-201029-09-201029/09/10MATLAB basics
5. Workshop on VLSI with XILINX Products10-07-201010-07-201010/07/10Responsibility: Coordinator. Xilinx Workshop

Training Course
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. IPR Plagiarism Tutorial12-09-201812-09-2018One DayOnline Course certifications issued by IEEE
2. Industrial Training in Airport Authority of India19-06-201821-06-20183 DaysExplained about the Landing system, Other communication systems

Expert Talk
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. IIPC Sponsored Guest Lecture on Engineering Education22-03-201622-03-2016One DayEmbark Business Solutions, Madurai give guest lecture on engineering education to II year students of ECE in VLSI lab.
2. ISTE Sponsored seminar on "Indian Business Scenario and Practices"28-01-201428-01-2014One DayDiscussed about the Indian Business legends and Business trends and Practices
3. Recent Trends in 4G/LTE05-09-201305-09-20135th Sep 2013Wireshark Tools Seminar
4. Social Awareness for Engineers01-03-201201-03-201201/03/12 ANProgramme on Social Awareness
5. Research Funding & Patent Methodologies in Engineering & Technology04-03-201005-03-201004-03-2010 To 05-03-2010Venue: KLNCE Responsibility: Committee Member
6. Simulation Tools for R&D Works: VLSI Back-End & communication Systems03-07-200904-07-200903-07-2009 To 04-07-2009Venue: KLNCE Responsibility: Committee Member

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. IEI Membership01-01-201605-07-2017Life TimeM1533589
2. Proposed Application for Organizing SEMINAR/SYMPOSIA/CONFERENCES/WORKSHOPS to AICTE14-02-201315-02-201314-02-13 & 15-02-13Proposal Sent to AICTE for FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR ORGANIZING SEMINARS/SYMPOSIA/CONFERENCE/WORKSHOPS. Coordinators-Dr.P.Ganesh Kumar,Prof/ECE, KLNCE & Coordiantor-Prof.D.Pradeep Kannan, EIE,KLNCE & Asst.Prof. V.Muthu Ganesh, ECE,KLNCE for AY2012-2013
3. Cultural Committee Member01-06-200901-07-200901'June'09 to 01'July'11One of the Representative from ECE Dept.
4. Educator's Day - A Technical Forum21-11-200821-11-200821-11-2008National Instruments - Product Demonsatrations with seminars. Venue: Hotel, Bangalore
5. ISTE Life Membership---ISTE Life Member LM63107
6. One of the Placement Coordinator--Jan'10 to Till DateInvolved in Placement activities, as a representative of ECE dept
7. Member of the ISTE Staff Chapter--June'08 to Till Date...Involved in Conducting Programs sponsored by ISTE. For the development of the Faculty, Representative from ECE dept.

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