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Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)
Computer Science and Engineering
Qualification :B.TECH (I.T)., M.E.(CSE)., PH.D.(I & C)
Experience :10.5 (Y.M)
Email ID

Academic Profile
Research Work2
Paper Publication (International)17
Paper Publication (National)5
Resource Person6
Paper Presentation 1

Research Work
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Design on an IoT based Health Monitoring and Awareness System13-09-201722-08-20181 yearIoT based Project
2. A Novel Optimization of Pairwise Key Predistribution in Distributed Wireless Sensor Network (DWSN)02-01-201228-04-20175 yearsResearch on generating pairwise keys and predistributing in DWSN

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
2. Biometrics based Data Security in USB Drive Using Digital Secure Copier19-07-201710-11-20173 monthsInternational Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Volume 117 No. 8 2017, 193-197
3. Study of Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network27-09-201629-11-20162-monthsInternational Journal for Scientific Research and Development, Vol. 4, Issue. 9, Nov 2016.
4. Trust Among Militants in Wireless Sensor Network20-04-201606-07-20163 monthsAnnexure-IIAdvances in Natural and Applied Sciences Vol. 10, No. 10, pp. 302-307, 2016
5. Enhancing EGRC using ANOVA based Clustering in Underwater Sensor Networks20-04-201606-07-20163 monthsGlobal Research and Development Journal for Engineering July 2016 e-ISSN: 2455-5703
6. Enhancing EGRC using ANNOVA Based Clustering in Underwater Sensor Network06-04-201607-04-20166-4-2016ICIET'16, organised by KLN College of Engineering
7. Trust Among Militants in Wireless Sensor Network06-04-201607-04-20167-4-16ICIET'2016, Organised by KLN COllege of Engineering
8. Key Establishment In Wireless Sensor Network Using Dual Key Optimization (DKO)10-02-201608-06-20164 monthsAnnexure II-Journal of Convergence Information Technology(JCIT) Volume11, Number3, pp. 103-114, June 2016
9. PTAP: Pair Key Based Trust Authentication Protocol for Authentication in Wireless Sensor Network15-07-201510-06-20161 yearJournal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 1701-1708, 2016
10. Enhancing High speed Networks using Proportional Rate Control Technique08-04-201509-04-20152 days3rd International Conference on HI-TECH Trends in Emerging Computational Technologies, 2015
11. Enhancing High Speed Networks Using Proportional Rate Control Technique19-12-201420-12-201419-12-14 & 20-12-14Third International Conference on “Design and Applications of Structures, Drives, Communicational and Computing Systems” organized by KLNIT
12. PEAK: POWER EFFICIENCY ANALYSIS FOR KEY DISTRIBUTION IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK10-04-201412-04-201410-04-2014 to 12-04-14IEEE International Conference-ICRTIT'14 organised by Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai
13. PAD: POWER AWARE KEY DISTRIBUTION IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK USING GROUP CONFIGURATION METHODOLOGY21-03-201422-03-201421-03-14-22-03-142014 IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology ICIET ’14 organised by KLN College of Engineering, Pottapalayam
14. "Enhancing Library Automation in Ubiquitous Environment"28-04-201130-04-201128-04-2011 to 30-04-2011AICERA' 2011 organized by Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirapally, Kerala, India
15. Conservation of Energy Management in WSN using Networking Protocols--December 2012ICDASC 2012 at K.L.N College of Information Technology, Madurai
16. "Overview on Key Distribution Primitives in Wireless Sensor Network"--May, 2013Journal of Computer Science, 9 (5): 543-550, 2013 ISSN 1549-3636 © 2013 Science Publications doi:10.3844/jcssp.2013.543.550 Published Online 9 (5) 2013 (
17. PAD: Power Aware Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Network using group configuration Methodology--March 2014International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology Vol. 3,special Issue 3, pp: 2347 - 6710, March, 2014

Paper Publication (National)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Elevator Car Parking System using RFID31-03-201101-04-201131-03-2011 to 01-04-2011Presented paper in national conference ETCN'11 at K.L.N. College of Information Technology, Pottapalayam
2. "Energy Efficient Monitoring Approach For Wireless Sensor Network"05-03-201005-03-201005-03-2010NCRIT' 2010 organized by Department of Information Technology, RVS College of Engineering and Technology, dgl, Tamilnadu.
3. Roadmap for RFID Implementation in Library.--2011ELEITe-11 at Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai.
4. Implementing Secure Location Privacy using KNN in Wireless Sensor Network--2012NCRTIT-12 at Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology, Virudhunagar.
5. A Novel Analysis of Power and Augmentation of Energy Escalation in WSN using DEEAC--April 2013National Conference on Advancement in Computing organized by United Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.

Resource Person
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. New India Student Championship 201802-02-201803-03-20181 day (24 hours)The Largest Learnathon
2. Application Layer and its protocols22-07-201622-07-20161 dayDelivered lecture in TEQUIP II sponsored workshop on “Computer Networks” for the topic “Application Layers and its Protocols” at ACCET, Karaikudi.
3. Object Oriented Analysis and Design15-12-201422-12-201415-12-2014 to 22-12-14Anna University Sponsored FDP
4. HP ATA CERTIFICATION PROGRAM10-07-201410-07-20141dayDelivered Lecture on "NETWORKS" For HP-ATA certification Program organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KLNCE during July 2014.
5. CLOUD COMPUTING28-09-201028-09-201028/09/10Seminar on "Cloud Computing" organized by CSI student's chapter
6. Infosys Campus Connect Program01-12-200803-04-20178 yearsInfosys campus connect program conducted for pre-final years every year

Paper Presentation
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. A Survey on Key Pre-Distribution Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network18-02-201323-02-201318th to 23rd Feb, 2013Attended International Outreach 2013 organized by CSI, Coimbatore Chapter in partnership with University of Edin Burgh, UK

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Workshop on "NS-3 SIMULATION AND EMULATION"29-12-201630-12-20162 daysHands on training in NS-3 tool, organized in Department of CSE, KLNCE
2. Faculty Development Program on Emerging Challenges and Research Opportunities in Cloud Computing13-08-201314-08-201313-08-13 to 14-08-13FDP organized in Department of Computer Science & Engineering, KLN College of Engineering

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. IIPC sponsored FDP on "Multi-Core Architectures and Programming"05-01-201706-01-20172 daysDepartment of CSE, KLNCE
2. Workshop on "NS-3 SIMULATION AND EMULATION"29-12-201630-12-20162 daysHands on training in NS-3 tool, Department of CSE. KLNCE
3. Three Days National Level Seminar on "Bio Bioinformatic and Computation Genomics: Intelligent Tools and Methods to prevent Epidemic Diseases using Big Data" (BCIEB'16)07-11-201609-11-20163 daysDepartment of Biotechnology sponsored three days national level seminar
4. Effective Teaching14-03-201614-03-20161 dayOrganized by Quality Circle, KLNCE, Pottapalayam
5. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations04-03-201604-03-20164-3-16Organised by Quality Circle ARD, KLN College of Engineering
6. Infosys Campus Connect Foundation Program Ver. 4.006-11-201406-11-20146.11.14Infosys Venue: KLNCE
7. High Impact Journal Writing and Publishing25-09-201425-09-201425.09.14Regional Office: Anna University, Tirunelveli
8. ISTE sponsored workshop on "Achieving Competetive Strategy in Human Resourse Management"21-08-201427-08-201421-08-14 to 27-08-14Department of management studies, Anna university regional office, Madurai Venue:KLNCE, Pottapalayam
9. National Workshop on Computer Networks and Network Simulation/Emulation Using NS302-08-201403-08-201402-08-14 to 03-08-14National Workshop On COMPUTER NETWORKS AND NETWORK SIMULATION\EMULATION USING NS3 (Hands-on by Solutt Corporation) CNNS-2014 Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru
10. Workshop on "Outcome Based Accreditation"05-05-201406-05-201405.05.14 to 06.05.14Venue:KLN College of Engineering
11. NS2 workshop13-12-201315-12-201313-12-13 to 15-12-13National level workshop on NS2 organised by Kongu Engineering College, Perundhurai, Erode
12. Research Aspects of M2M technology and Wireless sensor networks in Space Communication30-11-201201-12-201230th Nov and 1st Dec 2012DRDO Sponsored National Level Workshop organized by KSR College of Technology, Tiruchengode
13. Recent Trends and Research Challenges in Wireless Networks28-09-201230-09-201228.09.2012 To 30.09.2012.National Level Workshop organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore in Association with Advanced Computing and Communications Society (ACCS), Coimbatore.
14. Research Issues in Sensor and Adhoc Networks25-05-201225-05-201225.05.2012.DRDO Sponsored workshop organized by Department of Information Technology, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi
15. Wireless Sensor Networks Simulation Using NS2 & Qualnet05-12-201106-12-201105.12.11 & 06.12.11CSIR Sponsored workshop organized by Department of Information Technology, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi
16. Evolutionary Algorithms in Research06-07-201106-07-20116th July 2011Organized by Department of Information Technology, KLNCE
17. Workshop on "Pervasive Computing Technologies"21-02-201122-02-201121.02.2011 to 22.02.2011Workshop organized by "Anna University of Technology, Tiruchirapally."
18. SDP on "Visual Programming"--June 2009SDP sponsored by AICTE, organized by Department of Computer Science, K.L.N. College of Engineering

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Faculty Enablement Program21-07-200801-08-200821.07.08 to 01.08.0810 days program organized by Infosys, Mahendra City, Chennai

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