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Assistant Professor 2
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Qualification :B.E.(ECE), M.E. (COMM.SYS.)
Experience :5.6 (Y.M)
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Academic Profile
Paper Publication (International)1
Paper Presentation 4
Seminars/Workshop Attended16
Expert Talk1

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Design and Analysis of OFDM based CRAHN with common control channel22-02-201224-02-201222-02-2012 to 24-02-2012presented paper in International Conference on Computing, Communication and Applications (ICCCA’12)at PSNA college of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul & published in IEEExplore

Paper Presentation
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Performance Analysis for Better Throughput in CRAHN27-04-201227-04-201227-04-2012Presented a paper in the National Conference at Anna University Chennai-MIT campus.
2. Performance Analysis of Multichannel MAC for Better throughput in CRAHN09-04-201209-04-201209-04-2012Presented a paper in the Inter Collegiate Conference on Research Issues in Computer Science and Engineering at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.
3. Markov Random Field Model-Based Edge-Directed Image Interpolation20-04-201120-04-201120-04-2011 & 21-04-2011Presented a paper in the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology at Anna university of Technology Madurai.
4. Performance evaluation of wireless multiuser-OFDM systems19-03-201019-03-201019-03-2010Presented paper in the National Conference on Communication Technologies sponsored by CSIR (New Delhi) at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi

Seminars/Workshop Attended
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Research problem Identification and Technical paper writing22-09-201723-09-20172 daysTwo days workshop organised by CSE department ,KLNCE
2. National workshop on Circuit Theory11-01-201612-01-20162daysattended two days workshop on EE6201-Circuit Theory at EIE dept.,K.L.N.C.E
3. TI university program on MSP430 launch pad06-03-201507-03-20152daysAttended two days workshop organised by ECE, K.L.N.C.E in collaboration with EdGate technologies pvt. limited,Bangalore.
4. MIMO-OFDM and Physical layer aspects of LTE18-12-201420-12-20143daysattended three days workshop on "MIMO-OFDM and Physical layer aspects of LTE" organized by TIFAC-Core at Thiagarajar college of Engineering,Madurai
5. Recent Trends in Communication Technologies-RETRIC26-09-201426-09-20141 dayattended one day National seminar on Recent Trends in Communication Technologies-RETRIC'14 at Velammal College of Engineering & Technology,Madurai.
6. Teaching Methodologies24-08-201324-08-201324.8.2013Attended one day seminar on "Teaching Methodologies-The Course Delivery System"conducted by SDC at KLNCE
7. Recent Trends in Communication Technologies(RETRIC'13)23-08-201323-08-201323.8.2013Attended one day National Seminar on RETRIC at Velammal College of Engineering & Technology,Madurai
8. Digital Communication Techniques10-06-201316-06-20131 weekAttended the one week FDP on 'Digital Communication Techniques' sponsored by Anna University Chennai,at Thiagarajar College of Engineering,Madurai.
9. Advances in Microwave and Optical Communication Technologies29-04-201312-05-201329.04.2013 to 12.05.2013Attended the AICTE sponsored FDP on "Advances in Microwave and Optical Communication Technologies"at KLNCE
10. HANDS ON TRAINING-SCILAB13-10-201213-10-201213.10.2012Attended FDP titled "HANDS ON TRAINING-SCILAB" conducted at K.L.N.C.E in association with Techpassion Technologies Pvt Ltd.
11. Wireless Network simulation using NS217-02-201218-02-201217-02-2012 & 18-02-2012Attended Two days workshop on “ Wireless Network simulation using NS2” conducted by Velammal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai.
12. Hands-on training on LabVIEW01-02-201203-02-201201-02-2012 to 03-02-2012Attended Three days workshop on “Hands-on training on LabVIEW” at Anna University of Technology Madurai sponsored by DRDO.
13. Wireless Sensor Network Simulator using QUALNET31-01-201231-01-201231-01-2012Attended one day workshop on “Wireless Sensor Network Simulator using QUALNET” at Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil
14. Recent Trends in FPGA based Embedded System Design using IP-CORES25-02-201126-02-201125-02-2011 & 26-02-2011Attended Two day workshop on “Recent Trends in FPGA based Embedded System Design using IP-CORES” conducted by Anna University of Technology Madurai
15. Recent Trends in Nano Technology and Wireless Communications22-12-201022-12-201022-12-2010Attended one day seminar on “Recent Trends in Nano Technology and Wireless Communications”, at Anna University of Technology Madurai
16. Latest Trends in Wireless Communication23-01-201023-01-201023-01-2010Attended one day National seminar on “Latest Trends in Wireless Communication” conducted by K.L.N. College of Information Technology,Pottapalayam

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Real time application using python programming09-09-201709-09-20171 dayWorkshop
2. one day workshop on ICT tools10-06-201710-06-20171 dayECE,KLNCE

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Python programming02-08-201703-08-20172 daysTwo days FDP organised by department of MCA- KLNCE
2. Faculty Induction Programme26-06-201426-06-20141 dayparticipated in Faculty Induction Programme under Infosys Campus connect program in K.L.N.C.E
3. FTDP on control systems09-12-201315-12-20131 weekattended one week FDP conduted by Anna university Chennai at KLNCE

Expert Talk
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. DSP07-07-201707-07-20171 dayexpert talk by alumni

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