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Academic Profile
Research Work2
Paper Publication (International)2
Resource Person1

Research Work
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. 12th Global Congress on Manufacturing and Management, GCMM 201408-12-201409-12-2014Two DaysAttended Two days International Conference - GCMM 2014 held at VIT University, Vellore
2. Recent Trends in System Simulation01-08-201302-08-2013Two DaysAttended Two days TEQIP Sponsored Faculty Development Program at NIT, Tiruchirapalli

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. A Review on Lean Manufacturing Implementation Techniques08-12-201409-12-2014Dec'14A paper entitled on ‘A Review on Lean Manufacturing Implementation Techniques', Procedia Engineering, Volume 97, 2014, Pages 1875-1885
2. Productivity Improvement of an industry by implementing Lean Manufacturing Priniciples21-03-201422-03-2014Mar'14A Paper entitled on 'Productivity Improvement of an industry by implementing Lean Manufacturing Principles', The International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET) ,Volume 3, Special Issue 3, March 2014

Resource Person
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Solid Works06-08-201518-02-201660 PeriodResource person for conducting solid works courses

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Autodesk Autocad13-06-201617-06-2016Five DaysConducted by ICTACT at K.L.N College of Engineering on Autocad 2015
2. Automotive Electrical System (AT6502)06-06-201612-06-2016Seven DaysSeven days FDTP Conducted by Department of Automobile Engineering at K.L.N College of Engineering
3. Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Practices18-08-201419-08-2014Two DaysAttended Two day Workshop on 'Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Practices’ Conducted by Mechanical Engineering Department at K.L.N College of Engineering.
4. Vechicle System and Latest Technologies in Diesel and Gasoline Systems25-02-201327-02-2013Three DaysAttended Three day workshop conducted by Bosch Training center, Bangalore
5. Finite Element Analysis03-12-201209-12-2012Seven DaysFDP Conducted By Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kamaraj College Of Engineering and Technology

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Intellectual Property Rights And Innovations04-03-201604-03-2016One dayAttended seminar on 'Intellectual Property Rights And Innovations' at K.L.N College of Enigeering conducted by Quality Circle - Advanced Research and Development

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