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Academic Profile
Research Work3
Paper Publication (International)8
Book Publication1
Resource Person9
Paper Presentation 8
Project Contest1
Value Added Course3
Content Beyond Syllabus1

Research Work
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Broadband antenna design--2008-2011Registered PhD at anna university , trichy in the faculty of Information and communication engg.
2. Reviewer for International journal of Electronics , IEEE international conference On RF and Microwave--2012 onwardsI am glad to inform that I was appointed as reviewer for International journal of Electronics ,and IEEE RFM 2013 conference. It is a notable academic achievement in my profile
3. Design and Implementation of wideband and dual frequency microstrip antennas--2008-2014Completed successfully Phd Viva-voce examination on 12-9-2014 at Anna University, Chennai

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Multifrequency T slot loaded Microstrip antenna for wireless applications01-07-201601-07-2016one dayApplied Electromagnetics society express journal (Annexure 1), July 2016
2. EBG based circularly polarised microstrip antenna for RF applications02-04-201504-04-20152-4 April 2015The above paper is accepted for presentation at 4th IEEE International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing 2015(ICCSP 2015). The paper will be published in IEEE Explore
3. Design of A Single Feed Dual Frequency Microstrip Antenna for GPS and IRNSS Applications02-03-201502-03-20151 monthInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 2 (2015) pp. 4067-4077 © Research India Publications
4. Study of Broadband circularly polarised microstrip antennas27-11-201428-11-201427-11-14 to 28-11-14International conference on Science, Engineering and Management Research (ICSEMR 2014) at Veltech Multitech Engineering college, Avadi, chennai. The paper is published in IEEE Explore
5. Design and Analysis of Double U slot loaded Microstrip antenna28-10-201328-10-2013accepted on 28-10-2013A paper titled "Design and Analysis of Double U slot loaded Microstrip antenna" is published in the International journal Progress in Electromagnetics Research C" Vol.45 , pp.101-112, 2013. The co-authors are Mr.E.sathish kumar and Dr.V.Rajamani
6. International conference on communication technology and system design07-12-201109-12-20117-12-2011 To 9-12-2011presented a research paper titled"Design of Wideband capacitive coupled Microstrip antenna at Amrita University coimbatore. The paper is accepted for publication in international journal Procedia Engineering(30)2012,372-379,published by elsevier
7. Design, simulation and Experimental analysis of Wideband circularly polarised capacitive fed Microstrip antenna--June 2012Published a research paper in the International journal Progress in Electromagnetic Research C Vol.No.30, P.No.173-188,June 2012
8. Design of A Single Feed Dual Frequency Microstrip Antenna for GPS and IRNSS Applications pp. 4067-4077.--March 2015The paper is published in International journal of Applied Engineering Research ,2015,Vol.10.,No.2 pp. 4067-4077. The authors are S.Murugan, E.S.Harshitha and V.Rajamani

Book Publication
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails

Resource Person
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. National conference on Power electronics and drives28-03-201828-03-20181 dayAct as chairperson for communication Engg session in the national conference
2. TECHSPARK 1805-03-201805-03-2018one dayTechnical paper presentation and animation contest.
3. Antenna Theory and Design (Special Antennas)01-03-201801-03-2018one dayGuest lecture organized by ECE , S.S.M.College of Engineering and Technology
4. Design of TTC antenna for mini satellite17-03-201717-03-2017one dayDelivered a lecture on the above topic at sethu institute of Technology, Kariapatti on 17th March 2017
5. Faculty Development training program on EE6302- Electromagnetic Theory approved by Centre for Faculty Development,Anna University, Chennai11-06-201611-06-2016one dayAct as resource person for Electromagnetic field theory course . The topic is " Electromagnetic waves". It is conducted for faculty members of affiliated colleges of anna university, chennai
6. Advancements in Antenna Designing Techniques01-08-201501-08-2015one dayActed as resource person in Faculty development programme conducted by Latha mathavan Engg college Kidaripatti,alagarkovil.
7. IEEE Madras section sponsored National seminar17-04-201517-04-201516-4-2015 to 17-4-2015Topic of seminar : Recent trends in RF,antenna and MIC Delievered a lecture on Recent trends in antenna technology.
8. Research issues in Microwave and Optical Networks10-06-201110-06-201110-6-11A session titled " Research issues in Microstrip patch antenna" was handled in the two day faculty development programme,sponsored by Anna University of Technology, Madurai ,held at K.L.N.College of Information Technology
9. Recent trends in RF systems and Antennas11-01-201112-01-201111-1-2011 to 12-1-2011A session titled "broadband MSA' was handled in the two day faculty development programme organised by KLN college of Information technology, Pottapalayam

Paper Presentation
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Design and analysis of Dual frequency microstrip antenna for 4G LTE applications,International conference on Engineering Technology and Science(ICETS 2016),Muthayammal Engineering College, Rasipuram,India held on 18-19 March 201618-03-201619-03-2016Two daysPresented a paper titled "Design and analysis of Dual frequency microstrip antenna for 4G LTE applications"
2. Study of EBG structures for antenna applications18-09-201419-09-201418-9-2014 to 19-9-2014Presented a paper in CSIR sponsored workshop on Recent trends in Novel materials for technical applications held at K.L.N.College of Engineering
3. NATIONAL CONFERENCE on MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL COMMUNICATION NCMOC 201302-04-201302-04-20132-4-13A paper titled 'Design of wideband circularly polarised microstrip antenna " is presented at A.C.C.E.T.Karaikudi
4. AICTE sponsored National conference23-07-201024-07-201023-07-10 To 24-07-10Presented the paper Coplanar capacitively coupled proobe fed Microstripa antenna for GPS applicationsin AICTE sponsored national level conference ETWT'10 at TCE , Madurai
5. IETE conference on RF wireless commununication07-10-200910-10-20097-10-09 To 10-10-09Presented a technical paper in the field of antenna at IETE conference held at BANGALORE
6. Design and Performance analysis of Tchbychev Helical array antenna for X band applications29-03-200730-03-200729-3-2007 To 30-3-2007The above said paper was presented in the National Level conference (NCACT'07) at ACCET, Karaikudi
7. Design and Performance analysis of E plane and H plane Horn antenna03-03-200703-03-20073-3-2007The abdve paper was presented in the National conference at Karunya University, coimbatore.
8. National conference--March 2010Presented the paper "Fractal antenna Engineering Research -an overview" at Bannari amman institute of technology, coimbatore.

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. ICIEIA 201811-05-201812-05-20182 daysThe two day international conference ICIEIA 2018 is held at KLNCE. The paper was presented in the title " Design of Dual frequency Microstrip antenna for 4G LTE applications"
2. National conference on Innovations in Communication Technology for social development23-03-201823-03-20181 dayThe event is organised by RAMCO institute of technology. The paper titled " Design and Implementation of Metamaterial based wearable antenna for medical applications' is presented by us.
3. IEEE Madras section sponsored National Seminar on RF, Antennas and MIC01-12-201602-12-20162 daysFaculty from various institutions participated in the event. Dr.Sriramkumar , NIT, Trichy acted as external Resource person.
4. Coordinator for IEEE Madras section sponsored National seminar16-04-201517-04-201516-4-2015 to 17-4-2015The topic is Recent trends in RF antennas and MIC.20 participants from AICTE approved institutions attended the above program.
5. FDP on Microwave LAB22-06-201123-06-201122-6-2011 to 23-06-2011organised two day workshop on "Microwave Lab". Thirty particpants from various colleges attended. This program is conducted in association with Scientific instruments, Indore
6. Two days staff orientaion program on 'Effective teaching methods"16-09-201017-09-201016-09-10 to 17-09-10ISTE staff chapter of our college organised the above workshop .I was the coordinator of the above program.
7. Workshop on MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL LAB COURSE21-07-200622-07-200621-7-2006 To 22-7-2006Co-coordinator for the above workshop on MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL LAB COURSE,conducted by Dept of ECE.
8. FDP on ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY08-12-200510-12-20058-12-2005 To 10-12-2005Coordinator for above FDP.particularly conducted for Engg college teachers.25 particpants from various engg colleges attend the above program.
9. REFLECHIR'03 NATIONAL LEVEL SYMPOSIUM28-02-200301-03-200328-2-2003 To 1-3-2003Coordinator for REFLECHIR'03 NATIONAL LEVEL SYMPOSIUM,conducted by ECE Deptand sposored by SPARKLES ECE ASSOCIATION

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. IEEE INAE national symposium on Electromagnetic education and Research12-12-201613-12-20162 daysThe symposium is held at SSN college of Engineering, Chennai. Resource persons from IIT , ISRO delivered the lectures.
2. Solid state device modelling16-11-201617-11-2016Two daysOrganised by TCE, Madurai. I attended the two days workshop .
3. Microstrip antennas -by Ramesh garg Professor/IIT05-06-201605-06-2016one dayOrganised by Department of ECE, TCE, Madurai
4. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations-by Dr.M.Kanthababu, Director/CIPR, Anna University,Chennai04-03-201604-03-2016one dayDr.M.Kanthababu, Director/CIPR,Anna University,Chennai conducted the workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations during 4th March 2016 at K.L.N.C.E
5. National seminar on Recent materials in novel materials for technical applications18-09-201419-09-201418-9-2014 to 19-9-2014organized by Department of Physics, K.L.N.College of Engineering and Sponsored by CSIR , New Delhi
6. IETE Zonal seminar on Millimetre and Centimetrer wave communications15-02-201316-02-201315-2-2013 to 16-2-2013Attended at Mepco schelenk Engineering college, Sivakasi
7. AICTE sponored SDP on "RF,Wireless and Antenna"13-07-200918-07-200913-07-09 To 18-07-09Organise at National Engineering college, Kovilpatti.It was AICTE sponsored programme.Eminent professors and researchers from SAMEER, ISRO etc take over the sessinos.
8. optical fiber tec hnology and networks26-05-200830-05-200826-5-2008 To 30-5-2008Attended the AICTE-ISTE sponsored STTP on "Optical fiber technology and networks" organised by Dept of ECE, National Engg College kovilpatti from 26-5-2008 To 30-5-2008
10. High intense training on RF and Microwave measurements29-09-200730-09-200729-9-07 to 30-9-07This training was conducted by Dept of ECE,A.C.College of Engineeriing and Technology,Karaikude in cooperation with M/S .Agilent technologies .
11. Fabrication of flexible Microwave circuits02-09-200602-09-20062-9-06This one day workshop was conductedby Dept of ECE, Sriramakrishna Engineering college, Coimbatore.
12. STTP On OPTICAL COMMUNICATION20-06-200525-06-200520-6-2005 To 25-6-2005This Short term training program was conducted by College of Engg, Anna University, Chennai during the summer Vacation.
13. PLC Progamming and Applications22-11-200423-11-200422-11-2004 To 23-11-2004Conducted by EIE Dept,K.L.N.College of of Engg,pottapalyam
14. One day workshop on ORCAD PSPICE18-11-200418-11-200418-11-2004conducted by Dept of ECE,SIT, Kariapati
15. AICTE-ISTE sponsored STTP on CELLULAR MOBILE COMMUNICATION25-10-200405-11-200425-10-2004 To 5-11-2004Conducted by PSNA college of Engineering, Dindigul.This STTP was sponsored by AICTE-ISTE .
16. TEAM BUILDING31-07-200431-07-200431-7-2004Conducted by ISTE chapter of K.L.N.College of Engineering, Pottapalayam
17. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS28-04-200328-04-200328-4-2003conducted by of Engg
18. VLSI AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS25-03-200226-03-200325-3-2002 To 26-3-2003Conducted by Dept of ECE, Kamaraj College of Engg, Virudhunagar
19. CLASS ROOM MANAGEMENT01-12-200102-12-20011-12-2001 To 2-12-2001Conducted by K.L.N.College of Engineerig, Pottapalayam
20. EFECTIVE TEACHING METHODS13-10-200113-10-200113-10-2001Conducted by of Engg. Pottapalayam
21. Electromagnetics--November 2013IEEE sponsored FDP at SSN college of Engineering, chennai

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Internet of Things and its applications29-12-201729-12-2017One dayInterested second year students attended the workshop. Dr.S.Murugan, Prof/ECE is the coordinator

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. ICT based Instructional design and delivery for Outcome based education14-05-201819-05-20186 daysThe event is organised by Easwari engineering college. very much useful for teaching learning process

Project Contest
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Project competition for Engineering colleges Producitivity Week 201812-03-201818-02-20181 weekActed as Jury for the topic "Robotics, Industrial Automation and Internet of Things (IoT)" .

Value Added Course
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Android App development01-06-201806-06-20185 daysAndroid app development course is attended by III year students.
2. Python course28-05-201831-05-20184 daysIII year students participated . Python software course is attended by 25 students
3. GATE coaching class14-05-201828-05-201812 days39 students participated in this course for the above period.Venue: Microprocessor lab of ECE department

Content Beyond Syllabus
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Wireless Transceivers19-08-201719-08-2017One dayThe seminar on the topic Wireless Transceivers is conducted by ECE Department. The coordinator of the Program is Dr.S.Murugan, Prof/ECE

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. ISRO Project Exhibition at Mahatma school, Madurai06-10-201706-10-2017one dayISRO Project exhibition at Mahatma school, Madurai
2. 2nd International conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology(ICIET 2016)06-04-201607-09-20166-4-2016 to 7-4-2016Act as Judge for one session in 2nd International conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology(ICIET 2016)K.L.N.College of Engineering(Organised by CSE,EIE,AUTO and MCA),6-7 April 2016
3. 2nd International Conference ICEETS 2016,Latha Mathavan Engineering college , Madurai29-03-201629-03-2016one dayAct as judge for one session for paper presentation 2nd International Conference ICEETS 2016 Latha Mathavan Engineering college , Madurai
4. Reviewer for 2016 IEEE International Conference on Wireless Information Technology and Systems (ICWITS) and Applied Computational Electromagnetics (ACES) Sheraton Waikiki Hotel and Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii March 13 – 17, 201613-03-201617-03-20164 daysAct as reviewer for the paper titled A Microstrip Reflectarray Antenna Using Random Fragmented Elements Combined with Metal Loops for Mutual Coupling Suppression

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