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Assistant Professor 2
Computer Science and Engineering
Qualification :B.E.(CSE), M.E. (CSE), (PH.D.)
Experience :13.2 (Y.M)
Email ID

Academic Profile
Paper Publication (International)4
Paper Publication (National)1
Resource Person4
Awards / Achievements2
Value Added Course2

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. OCPPD based sentiment classifier for aspect ranking16-04-201518-04-20153 daysICETM 2015, RVS College of Engineering, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, pp-23, ISBN - 938068603
2. OCPPD BASED SENTIMENT CLASSIFIER FOR ASPECT RANKING16-04-201518-04-20153 daysInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research, ISSN 0973-4562 Vol. 10 No.49 (2015), PP - 109 - 114
3. PMI Based Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification21-03-201422-03-201421.03.2014 & 22.03.2014ICIET'14 International Conference organised by KLNCE, pp.149-154
4. IJIRSET International Journal - "PMI based Clustering Algorithm for Feature Reduction in Text Classification "--March 2014Published Paper on International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Volume 3, Special Issue 3, ISSN(online): 2319-8753, ISSN(print): 2347-6710, pp. 1733-1736, March 2014

Paper Publication (National)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Smart Home Energy Management system(HEMS) using IOT11-05-201812-05-20182 daysICIEIA’18 - K.L.N College of Engineering

Resource Person
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. OCA certification11-01-201011-01-201011/01/10OCA Certification Program for 60 Hrs. organised by IT Dept, KLNCE
2. SDP Program on Storage Technology15-06-200926-06-200915/06/09 to 26/06/09AICTE Sponsored SDP Program organized by IT Department, KLNCE
3. Developing Programming Skills in C13-09-200815-09-200813.09.2008 to 15.09.2008organised by IT department - KLNCE
4. Campus Connect Programme--since 2007Handled Classes in Infosys Campus Connect Programme every year since 2007.

Awards / Achievements
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. First price in programming contest22-12-201523-12-2015two daysFirst price in programming contest conducted during the FDP organized by ICTACT at KLNCE on 22.12.2015 & 23.12.2015
2. 100% Result in University Exam--2006, 2008,2009Subjects - Multimedia Systems, OS & C# & .Net Framework

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Information Storage Management11-08-200830-09-200811/08/08 to 30/09/08One of the Organizer for the Workshop of 45 Hrs in IT Dept, KLNCE

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Role of Youth in the Development of Society02-03-201802-03-20181 dayin association with POSH cell - KLNCE & Ekta resource centre for women
2. Advanced Research Techniques for Satellite Image Analysis using Image Processing11-09-201715-09-20175 daysISRO Sponsored 5 days National Level Work shop organized by Department of Information Technology, K.L.N College of Information Technology,Pottapalayam, Sivagangai
3. OO Programming - FA129-10-201531-10-20153 daysTTT for FA1 organized by Infosys limited at Mepko Schlek College of Engineering
4. Intellegent Data Engineering11-02-201511-02-201511.02.2015one day seminar organized by PSNA College of Engineering, Dindigul
5. Funding Proposals for Research and Development26-10-201326-10-201326.10.2013ISTE Sponsored and organized by R&D unit of KLNCE
6. Image Processing Algorithms and its applications11-02-201112-02-201111.02.2011 to 12.02.2011Conducted in MCA Department of KLNCE
7. Visual Programming24-07-200925-07-200924.07.2009 to 25.07.2009organized by CSE department, KLNCIT
8. C# and .Net Framework17-07-200818-07-200817.07.2008 to 18.07.2008Workshop conducted by KLNCIT
9. Train the Trainer on "STORAGE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATIONS"26-05-200830-05-200826.05.08 to 30.05.08Conducted by EMC Academic Alliance Program at Karpagam College of Engineering,Coimbatore
10. TIVOLI Reach Program27-03-200727-03-200727.03.2007Seminar given by IBM Faculty
11. TEACHING METHODOLOGY12-08-200613-08-200612-8-06 -13-8-06CONDUCTED BY ISTE CHAPTER AT K.L.N.C.E.

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Introduction to IoT10-01-201811-01-20182 daysFDP organised by KLNCE and Sponsored by ICTACT
2. Firewall installation, configuration and management20-07-201724-07-20175 daysFDP organised by KLNCE and Sponsored by ICTACT

Value Added Course
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Spoken Tutorial – Online Course on “JAVA”25-08-201825-08-20184 weeksorganised Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay - Funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt., of India.
2. Problem Solving through Programming in C01-01-201830-04-201812 weeksNPTEL Online Certification(ELITE) - organised by IIT Bombay

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Pedagogical Innovations and Best Practices for Skill-based Academic Leadership07-05-201812-05-2018one weekInduction / Refresher Programme organised by KLNCIT, and sponsored by AICTE-ISTE
2. Introduction to PHP Programming22-12-201523-12-2015two daysFDP organised by ICTACT at KLNCe
3. FDP on "J2EE Programming"16-03-201520-03-20155 daysSponsored by ICTACT and organized by Sethu Institute of Technology
4. FDP on Research Issues and Optimization in Cloud Computing10-02-201211-02-201210-02-2012 to 11-02-2012Organized by CSE department of KLNCE and Sponsored by DAE & BRNS. Tamilnadu
5. FDP on lesson plan and class notes preparation14-11-200518-11-200514.11.2005 to 18.11.2005conducted by ISTE chapter at KLNCE
6. Better Methods of teaching12-11-200512-11-200512.11.05conducted by ISTE Chapter at KLNCE
7. Internal Auditor--2013Completed Auditors Training conducted by MR in association with ISO. And acted as Internal Auditor during July, 2013.
8. Monograph on Operating Sytems--2011Operating Systems (ITM04) - in IT department

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