Ref :KLNCE /Student / 2015-2016 Date :.22-02-2016
Eligibility Norms for the Student Merit Award – 2015-2016 (Revised)
Category & Norms
Award / Incentive

Category –I
(B.E./B.Tech./M.B.A./M.C.A., Degree Courses)

  1. Student should maintain 90% attendance minimum, for the award in each semester (Odd & Even)
  2. Based on the University Examination CGPA, students will be ranked Branch & Year wise.  10% of the toppers in each branch and each year will be awarded.
4000/- + Certificate of Merit
(B.E / B.Tech)
3000/- + Certificate of Merit (MCA)
2000/- + Certificate of Merit (MBA)
Category – II
If a student receives the award as per Category-I for all years of study, special award will be given after completing the Course in addition to the award given for Category-I.

B.E. / B.Tech. – 5,000/-
*B.E. / B.Tech – 3,000/-
(*for Lateral Entry students)
M.C.A. – 3,000/-
*M.C.A. – 2,000/-
(*for Lateral Entry students)
M.B.A. – 2,000/-
+ Certificate of Merit

Category – III
Anna University Rank Holders (Within 50 Ranks)
2,000/- + Certificate of Merit
Best wishes for achieving high CGPA and good attendance
  1. This is applicable for those students admitted during the academic year 2015-2016 onwards.
  2. The above norm is also applicable for existing students admitted earlier
  3. Students who passed, all the subjects, in first attempt, in the Odd & Even semester of Anna University Examinations, only will be considered.
  4. Only those who secured CGPA, 7.5 and above (in an academic year) will be considered for the above award.