K.L.N. College of Engineering,Pottapalayam.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering.



CS6201 Digital Principles and System Design
CS6202 Programming and Data Structures
CS6212 Programming and Data Structures Laboratory
CS6301 Programming and Data Structure
CS6302 Database Management Systems

CS6303 Computer Architecture

CS6304 Analog and Digital Communication

GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering

CS6311 Programming and Data Structure Laboratory

CS6312 Database Management Systems Laboratory


CS6551 Computer Networks

CS6401 Operating Systems

CS6402 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

EC6504 Microprocessor and Microcontroller

CS6403 Software Engineering

CS6411 Networks Laboratory

CS6412 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

CS6413 Operating Systems Laboratory


CS6501 Internet Programming

CS6502 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

CS6503 Theory of Computation

CS6504 Computer Graphics

CS6511 Case Tools Laboratory

CS6512 Internet Programming Laboratory

CS6513 Computer Graphics Laboratory


CS6601 Distributed Systems

IT6601 Mobile Computing

CS6660 Compiler Design

IT6502 D i g i t a l S i g n a l P r o c e s s i n g

CS6659 Artificial Intelligence

CS6611 Mobile Application Development Laboratory

CS6612 Compiler Laboratory


CS6701 Cryptography and Network Security

CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications

CS6703 Grid and Cloud Computing

CS6704 Resource Management Techniques

CS6711 Security Laboratory

CS6712 Grid and Cloud Computing Laboratory


CE314 & GE6757 - Total Quality Management(Third Year Electives)

CE405 & CS6003 - Ad hoc and Sensor Networks (Final Year Electives)

CS6811 Project Work