ISSG (Information Systems Support Group)

ISSG (Information Systems Support Group) will provide the integrated IT services like smooth running of automation, up-gradation and maintenance of automation package, college website and other custom made applications, biometric services, troubleshooting of hardware and networking equipments including internet connectivity, procurement of hardware, software and networking equipments of the college.

IT Enabled Services

SMS services, Campus Networking, Internet connectivity through Fiber Optic Cable, Online web applications and
Wi-Fi zones are inaugurated on 01.11.2008 at the PG Conference Hall with Mr. M.A. Ramani, Senior IT Consultant, Singapore Telecom, Singapore as the Chief Guest.

 Fiber Optic 
 Cable, Online 
 web applications 
 and Wi-Fi 
 zones are 
 inaugurated on 01.11.2008

A brief about the services inaugurated on 01.11.2008

1. SMS Services
The attendance, on duty details of the student will be sent to the parent the next working day through SMS. Internal marks of the students will be sent to the parent immediately after the valuation of answer sheets. University marks of the students will be sent to the parent immediately after we receive the mark statement from the university. Other important notices, announcements, information will also be sent to the parent/student through SMS as and when need arises. Also, SMS may be sent to the staff regarding their leave details, on duty details, library books issued / returned status, entry time, exit time, etc.

96003 41074, 96003 41072, 96003 38973 is our official numbers from which we send SMS to the parents. We also provided the following number for the following staff to answer the queries regarding SMS services to the parents and students:

96003 38973 Mr. O.R.KANNAN, I.T. Manager

96003 41072 Mr. K.THIRUPPATHI RAJAN, Associate I.T. Manager

2. Campus Networking
We have established an extensive Fiber Optic Network over the whole campus at an estimate of Rs. 8 Lakh. The present campus network basically comprises of nearly 1.5 Kms. of Fiber Optic cable backbone with 7 manageable switches. There are nearly 1000 nos. of computers connected to the network and at any time about 600 of them are connected to the Internet. Campus networking with fiber has several distinct advantages over non-fiber applications such as: (a) Networks can be extended longer distances, (b) Larger amounts of data can be sent due to increased bandwidth, (c) No environmental disturbances, (d) Immunity to EMI/RFI, lightning strikes.

3. 500 Mbps Internet Connectivity through Fiber Optic Cable
The Internet connectivity to the campus is through a 500 Mbps 1:1 Leased Line connection from RAILTEL (500Mbps). As per our frequent requests, RAILTEL has agreed and established internet connectivity through Fiber Optic Cable, in which we can receive good connection comparing to the earlier Microwave connectivity.

4. Online Web Applications
Currently, Students/Parents can get the student attendance, internal marks, university marks, library book status, library book search, etc. and the Staff can view their personal details, leave details, library book status, library book search, etc. through our website. ISSG has developed online performance appraisal of faculty by students, online examination (which is useful in conducting online examinations for filtering candidates to attend Infosys Campus Connect, IBM Academic Initiative, Hexaware Hexpert and other internal programs) web applications earlier. The following Online Web Applications are newly developed by ISSG for the benefit of the students/staff:

  1. E-Gate
  2. Call Register and Tracking System

  1. E-Gate
    By using the E-Gate web application, the management can know how many students / staff entered the library and how long they stayed there. The student / staff should show their identity cards while entering / exiting the library so that the system can register their in time / out time respectively. The system will welcome the student / staff while entering and say good bye while exiting, provided they show their identity card (barcode) in the barcode reader provided in the library main entrance. Various reports can be generated department wise / batch wise, etc.

  2. Call Register and Tracking System
    Call Register and Tracking System is developed for the use of the staff. The staff can log a call for any complaints regarding Hardware, Software, Networking, Web, Biometric and related problems. While logging a call, the user will receive a unique ID for tracking the call. By using this ID, the user can know the status of the call whether the call is viewed / pending / completed. The Administrator will assign the calls to the concerned Executives and the Executives will attend the call and close the call after giving proper details regarding the problem, what he/she has done to rectify the problem, service report number, etc. in the column provided. The Administrator can view various reports like the number of calls viewed, pending, completed and Executive wise reports (i.e. number of calls completed by an Executive), and more.

5. Wi-Fi Zones
To provide convenient connection of notebook computers to the campus network and to facilitate internet connectivity, both wireless LAN access points and fixed network outlets have been installed at different areas on campus including the Central Library, Conference Halls, Canteens, Auditorium and Hostel. With the adoption of the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Protocol, data communication over the wireless LAN is highly secure. With a notebook computer with wireless capability, the students/staff may get convenient access to the campus network at locations with wireless access points established. The Wireless LAN will also facilitate departments and student organizations in holding exhibitions, presentations and any other functions which require network access in the open areas.



I.T. Manager

D.C.H.T., B.C.A., CCNA,

PhoneNo : 97916-77091
Email ID :

Associate I.T. Manager

K. Thiruppathirajan
B.Sc.(MATHS), P.G.D.C.A.,

PhoneNo : 98421-04816
Email ID :

System Support Executive (H/W & N/W)

R. Arunbabu
D.C.T., R.H.C.E.

PhoneNo :94875-94908
Email ID

Hardware Technician

D.C.T., B.C.A.,

PhoneNo : 99528-12850
Email ID :


K.R. Mahalakshmi

Email ID :