Ref :KLNCE /Student / 2017-2018 Date :.11.07.2017
Eligibility Norms for the Student Merit Award – 2017-2018
Category & Norms
Award / Incentive

Category –I
(B.E./B.Tech./M.B.A./M.C.A., Degree Courses)

  1. Student should maintain 90% attendance minimum, for the award in each semester (Odd & Even)
  2. Based on the University Examination CGPA, students will be ranked Branch & Year wise. 10% of the toppers in each branch and each year will be awarded.
4000/- + Certificate of Merit
(B.E / B.Tech)
3000/- + Certificate of Merit (MCA)
2000/- + Certificate of Merit (MBA)
Category – II
If a student receives the award as per Category-I for all years of study, special award will be given after completing the Course in addition to the award given for Category-I.

B.E. / B.Tech. – 5,000/-
*B.E. / B.Tech – 3,000/-
(*for Lateral Entry students)
M.C.A. – 3,000/-
*M.C.A. – 2,000/-
(*for Lateral Entry students)
M.B.A. – 2,000/-
+ Certificate of Merit

Category – III
Anna University Rank Holders (Within 50 Ranks)
2,000/- + Certificate of Merit
Category – IV
(B.E./B.Tech./M.B.A./M.C.A., Degree Courses)
Students with CGPA 9 and above in the University Examinations, in an academic year
5000/- + Certificate of Merit
(B.E / B.Tech)
4000/- + Certificate of Merit (MCA)
3000/- + Certificate of Merit (MBA)
  1. This is applicable for those students admitted during the academic year 2017-2018 onwards.
  2. The above norm is also applicable for existing students admitted earlier
  3. Students who passed, all the subjects, in first attempt, in the Odd & Even semester of Anna University Examinations, only will be considered.
  4. Only those who secured CGPA, 7.5 and above (in an academic year) will be considered for the above award.
  5. Departments to furnish the details of students, as per the format enclosed, with the signature of the students. Avoid discrepancy.
The last date for the submission of list of students eligible for the student merit award is 15 working days after the publication of Anna University Examinations (After Revaluation), in the April / May Examinations.