Reflechir 2012

Let your ideas reflect and reverberate

Event updates

Paper presentation

Last date for sending paper for Paper presentation is 20-9-12.
Date of intimation is 25-9-12.

Project Presentation

Last date for sending description for Project presentation is 20-9-12.
Date of intimation is 25-9-12.

Electronics and Communication department of K.L.N. College of Engineering proudly presents National Level Technical Symposium named Reflechir 12

"Creativity is taking risks, making mistakes, experimenting, growing, inventing and most importantly learning and having fun!!!"

We, the EVER CHAMP ENGINEER'S welcome you all to REFLECHIR' 12 , where you can reflect your ideas, dexterity in your paper and projects and drill your grey matter in tandem with enjoyment and fun on October 4, 2012.

It aspires to provide an arena for the budding engineers to prove their mettle ..

With a host events to participate in and with your presence, there will be cutthroat competition & if you think you are above from the rest and you've got what it takes to beat the best.. Then Be there... PROVE IT !!

To download the poster please click here