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Professor & Head
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Qualification :B.E.,(ECE) M.Tech.(INST. & CONTROL), PH.D.
Experience :34.9 (Y.M)
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Academic Profile
Paper Publication (International)14
Paper Publication (National)11
Resource Person22
Project Contest2
Expert Talk1

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Design of Digital Pole placement Controller for a Ball & Beam system06-04-201607-04-20162 dayInternational Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET) - 2016 held at KLNCE
2. Design of optimal Controllers for a Ball & Beam system06-04-201607-04-20162 dayInternational Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET) - 2016 held at KLNCE
3. Internal Model based Cascade Controller implementation for a jacketed CSTR process06-04-201607-04-20162 dayInternational Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET) - 2016 held at KLNCE
4. Design of Fuzzy gain scheduled PI Controller for a nonlinear SISO Process06-04-201607-04-20162 dayInternational Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICIET) - 2016 held at KLNCE
5. Design of State Feedback Controller for a Quadruple Tank Process14-08-201514-08-20151International Journal of Research in Advent Technology, Vol.3, No.8, E-ISSN: 2321-9637
6. Design of adaptive PI controller for a quadruple tank process15-07-201515-07-2015July 2015INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED ENGINEERING RESEARCH, ISSN 0973-4562 Vol. 10 No.55 (2015), listed in AU-Annexure II
7. Design of adaptive PI controller for a quadruple tank process14-05-201516-05-20153 daysInternational Conference on Advances in Applied Engineering and Technology at Syed Ammal college of Engineering
8. Design of Internal Model Controller for an Open Loop Unstable CSTR Process05-05-201505-05-20151INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INNOVATIVE RESEARCH IN ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS, INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL ENGINEERING ,ISSN (Online) 2321 – 2004, Vol. 3, Issue 5
9. Design of digital Internal model controller for an unstable CSTR process28-02-201528-02-20151 dayInternational Journal of Research in Advent Technology (Impact Factor: 1.473) Volume 3, Issue 2
10. Analytical design of state feedback controllers for a nonlinear interacting tank process30-04-201330-04-20131 dayInternational Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) (ISSN:2249-8958,Volume-2, Issue-4,April 2013)
11. Implementation of Adaptive Control Schemes for a nonlinear TITO Process02-09-201103-09-20112 daysInternational Conference ‘ICIC-2011’ held at PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore
12. MRAC based PI controller for a Coupled Conical Tank Process20-12-201021-12-201020&21/12/ 2010inter National conference held at Velammal College of Engineering, Chennai
13. Control of neutralization process using neural networks03-03-200604-03-20063-3-06 & 4-3-06international conference on modeling and simulation 2006 university Malaya
14. control system design for a neutralisation process using block oriented models--dec 2006in the international journal instrumentation science and technology volume 34,issue 6,pages 653-667

Paper Publication (National)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Design of optimal controllers for a three tank proces28-05-201628-05-2016May 2016Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research ,ISSN 2320-4818, volume 5, Issue 2
2. Design of Full State-feedback Controller for Implementation on a Coupled Tank Process23-11-201523-11-2015November 2015Journal of Instrumentation Technology & Innovation,STM publications ISSN: 2249-4731(online), ISSN: 2347-7261(print) Volume 5, Issue 3
3. Simulation of Pole Placement Controller for an Active Bus Suspension System07-08-201507-08-20151Journal of Automobile Engineering and Application Volume 2, Issue 2
4. Design of Model based Controllers for a CSTR Process30-03-201530-03-20151 dayJournal of Instrumentation Technology & Innovation" ISSN: 2249-4731(online), Volume 5, Issue 1
5. Intelligent controller implementation for a Bio process28-03-201528-03-20151 dayNational Conference on " Intelligent Computing and Automation" held at KCE&T, Viruthunagar
6. Design of Pole placement Controller for an Active Bus Suspension System27-03-201527-03-20151 dayNational conference on “Modern trends in automobile Engineering” held at KLNCE
7. Design of Digital Controller for An Unstable CSTR Process30-12-201430-12-20141 dayJournal of Electronic Design Technology ISSN: 2229-6980 (online), Volume 5, Issue 3
8. Controller design and implementation for a non linear chemical process05-04-201205-04-20121 dayNational conference ‘NCICCA-2012’ held at Kalasalingam University (ISBN 978-81-921249-5-7)
9. Design and implementation of State-feedback Controller for a nonlinear interacting tank process05-04-201205-04-20121 dayNational conference ‘NCICCA-2012’ held at Kalasalingam University (ISBN 978-81-921249-5-7)
10. Performance analysis of Adaptive Control schemes for a nonlinear SISO Process05-04-201205-04-20121 dayNational conference ‘NCICCA-2012’ held at Kalasalingam University (ISBN 978-81-921249-5-7)
11. non linear control of a neutralisation process01-04-200502-04-20051-4-05 & 2-4-05intelligent computing in communication and automation

Resource Person
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Design of Passive filters28-10-201728-10-2017half a dayDesign and Analysis of Electrical Networks
2. AU approved FDTP on 'Electronic devices and circuits'19-06-201725-06-20177 daysHandled 12 sessions on the topic namely BJT & FET biasing, small signal analysis of BJT & FET, Diff amp, High frequency analysis, Discussion on GATE questions External-16, Internal-9
3. Applications of op amp16-06-201716-06-2017half a dayFDP on "Linear Integrated Circuits & application" organized by EEE Dept, KLNCE
4. Circuit Theory07-04-201708-04-20172 dayDelivered lecture on Circuit Theory at K.Ramakrishnan College of Engg, Trichy for II semester ECE students. (Participants-180)
5. Control system Engineering01-04-201701-04-20171 dayDelivered one day seminar on Control system Engineering at K.Ramakrishnan College of Engg, Trichy. (Participants-180)
6. AU approved FDTP on communication Theory organised by ECE Dept/KLNCE16-12-201616-12-2016half dayDelivered a lecture on the topic "Frequency Modulation"
7. Electrostatics06-06-201606-06-2016half dayDelivered a lecture in the Anna University approved FDTP on Electromagnetic Theory at Velammal College of Engg&Technology, Madurai.
8. Introductory concepts of Control systems04-06-201604-06-2016half dayDelivered a lecture in the Anna University approved FDTP on Control systems at Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam
9. 3 day FDP on Control system organized by EEE depatment, KLNCE from 11/5/16 to 13/5/1611-05-201611-05-2016half dayFrequency response analysis of Control system
10. Control system Engineering22-04-201622-04-20161 dayHandled session for IV sem B.E/ECE students of K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering, Trichy
11. Discrete time signals and signal processing15-04-201615-04-20161 dayHandled classes for IV sem EEE students of K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering, Trichy (105 students)
12. oneday seminar on Circuit Theory18-03-201618-03-20161 dayResource person at K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering & Technology, Trichy
13. Circuit theory11-01-201612-01-20162 dayNo of Participants-32 organized at KLNCE/EIE Department
14. AU approved FDTP on Discrete time signals and signal processing11-12-201511-12-2015half a daydelivered a talk on sampling process & solved GATE questions
15. AU approved FDTP on Discrete time signals and signal processing07-12-201507-12-2015half a daydelivered a talk on classifications of systems
16. AU approved FDTP on Linear integrated circuits01-12-201501-12-2015half a daydelivered talk on Applications of op amp
17. International conference "ICIET"21-03-201422-03-20142 daysacted as a chair person, organized by EEE,ECE,Mech & IT dept / KLNCE
18. Modern control system10-03-201110-03-20111 daydelivered a lecture at KLNCIT
19. Asynchronous sequential circuits’22-10-201022-10-20101 daydelivered at Velammal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai
20. symposium Reflicer ’1007-09-201007-09-20101 dayActed as a session judge for the Paper presentation contest organised by ECE department
21. State Space analysis & sample data control system05-04-201005-04-20101 daydelivered guest lecture at Velammal College of Engineering
22. National Conference ATT’1031-03-201031-03-20101 dayacted as a chair person, organized by ECE dept / KLNCE

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology06-04-201607-04-20162 daysConvener, 72 papers in EEE/ECE/EIE were presented.
2. guest lecture on Software testing and interview tips18-02-201618-02-20161 day65 students belonging to III & IV year B.E.EIE attended.Resource person-Mr.V.Nannakkan, QA Project Manager, NTT data, Bangalore.
3. Circuit Theory11-01-201612-01-20162 daysorganized 2 day FDP as coordinator. External-26 participants, Internal - 6 participants
4. “Linear integrated circuits & applications15-06-201521-06-20157 daysAU approved FDTP and 25 faculty members attended
5. Hands On Training In PLC”11-03-201514-03-20154 days38 final year students attended
6. Two day Hands on training in PCB Design06-03-201507-03-20152 days38 third year students participated
7. Distributed Control System10-09-201414-09-20145 days42 final year students attended
8. Development skills on embedded controllers31-07-201401-08-20142 days40 III year students attended
9. Techniques for Medical Image Analysis21-04-201422-04-20142 days35 faculty members attended
10. Control system design using Matlab15-03-201415-03-20141 dayMr.S.Varadharajan, AP/EEE ,TCE is the resource person.34 II & III year students participated.
11. SCADA-Hands on practice in Wonder wares Intouch13-02-201414-02-20142 days45 final year students attended
12. Control System09-12-201315-12-20137 daysAU sponsored and received an amount of Rs.90,000/-. 25 faculty members attended.
13. Testing And Servicing of Electronic Equipment15-11-201316-11-20132 days17 faculty members attended.
14. Real Time Hands on Training for PIC08-04-201309-04-20132 days35 staff and students attended
15. Lab VIEW & its applications01-02-201302-02-20132 days50 III year EIE students attended
16. Distributed Control System24-08-201228-08-20125 days40 final year EIE students attended.
17. National Conference on IMAC‘1210-04-201210-04-20121 dayMr.A.Ravichandran, AGM,Salem steel plant, Salem is the Chief guest. 30 Faculty and students presented
18. “Control System Design using LabVIEW”03-04-201204-04-20122 dayssponsored by TNSCST, Chennai & NCSTC, New Delhi .26 faculty members attended. Received an amount of Rs.20,000/-
19. ISOI students Convention16-03-201216-03-20121 day40 students from near by engineering college participated.
20. Research issues in Bio image Processing24-02-201225-02-20122 daysSponsored by CSIR, Delhi. 29 faculty participated.Received fund of Rs.30,000/-.Dr. R.H. Suresh Bapu, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR Head, Instrumentation Division, CECRI, Karaikudi is the chief guest
21. PCB design using Orcad11-02-201211-02-20121 day52 number of II & III year EIE students attended
22. MATLAB for Process Control05-08-201106-08-20112 days48 number of final year students attended.Ms. Y. Lydia Jenifer MIT, Chennai is the resource person.
23. Research issues in Process Control20-04-201121-04-20112 dayssponsored by Anna university of Technology Madurai. Received an amount of Rs.20,000/- 29 faculty attended.
24. Process Automation using PLC & SCADA04-03-201106-03-20113 daysorganised in association with Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. 40 final year students attended
25. Modern control system02-02-201104-02-20113 days31 including staff and PG students attended. Dr. V. Malathi, Director Academic Courses, Anna University of Technology, Madurai is the Chief guest.
26. Conduct of Laboratory classes & Tutorial01-12-201001-12-20101 dayworkshop on the topic induction training program on teaching methodology held at KLNCE. 25 faculty members attended.
27. Circuit design using LabVIEW30-09-201001-10-201030-9-10 & 01-10-102 day workshop for Faculty
28. SCADA using wonder ware intouch19-08-201024-08-20105 days51 final year students attended
29. National Conference on IMAC‘1016-04-201016-04-20101 dayMR. A. JEYAPRAKASH, AGM, Nagarjuna Oil Corporation, Cuddalore is the Chief guest. 32 nos of Faculty and PG students presented
30. Recent Trends In Embedded System Design : 8051 & Arm Processor26-03-201027-03-20102 days43 staff and students attended
31. VLSI Design Techniques and Applications03-12-200904-12-200903.12.2009 to 4.12.2009Organized a 2day workshop for faculty
32. Maintenance &Servicing of Electronic Equipments22-01-200923-01-200922.01.2009 & 23.01.200929 engineering college faculties participated
33. lab view basics and its application in process control24-08-200725-08-200724,25-08-078 faculty from near by engg college attended
34. digital laboratory cs120616-06-200517-06-200516,17-06-05about 21 faculty from near by engg college attended

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Nonlinear, Adaptive, Optimal and Embedded Control18-07-201623-07-20166 daysIISc Bangalore
2. Effective teaching14-03-201614-03-20161 dayOrganized by Quality circle-Quality education at KLNCE
3. Engineering Mathematics through MATLAB06-11-201506-11-20151 dayOrganized by Maths Department, K.L.N.College of Engineeering
4. Strategic planning on Industrial Development28-02-201528-02-20151 dayK.L.N.College of Engineering
5. ISTE Main Workshop on ‘Control Systems’02-12-201412-12-201410 daysorganised by IIT Bombay held at TCE Madurai
6. Research issues and emerging trends in Control system Engineering14-02-201415-02-20142 daysTEQIP Sponsored held at TCE Madurai
7. Research Challenges And Emerging Trends In Control Engineering15-11-201321-11-20137 daysTEQIP SPONSORED “One Week FDP at PSG Tech ,Coimbatore.
8. Intelligent Control using Matlab16-12-201117-12-20112 daysKumaraguru College of Technology, CBE
9. Advanced Process control22-12-201024-11-20103 daysMIT, Chennai
10. Intelligent modeling & control using LabVIEW & Matlab28-06-201030-06-20103 daysEaswari Engineering College, Chennai.
11. Research Oriented intelligent modeling & control using MATLAB09-03-201010-03-20102 daysB.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai
12. Introduction to NBA new norms & forms01-10-200901-10-20091 dayorganized by self financing Engineering colleges association,Trichy
13. Capacity building of Women manager in higher education (UGC Sponsored)27-01-200931-01-20095 daysLady doak college, Madurai
14. evalutionary optimisation algorithms19-11-200724-11-200719-11-2007 to 24-11-2007at TCE ,MADURAI
15. process control in chemical industries15-11-200426-11-200415-11-04 to 26-11-04at Annamalai university
16. trends in industrial instrumentation10-08-200211-08-200210,11-8-02at REC Trichy
17. medical electronics and images12-04-200212-04-200212-4-02at PSNA college of engg
18. digital signal processing06-07-200107-07-20016,7-07-2001at Kumaraguru college of engg
19. laser applications15-03-199715-03-199715-3-97at REC Trichy

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Applied Soft computing Using Matlab17-10-201617-10-20161 dayResource person-Mr.M.Varatharajan, AP/EEE,TCE, Madurai Participants-40 final year students
2. Modern Control System using Matlab11-03-201612-03-20162 dayConcepts of modern control system is explained through MatLab
3. Hands on training in LabVIEW(Level-1)30-01-201531-01-20152 days42 second year students attended

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Three day FDP on "Design and testing of Electronic circuits.09-06-201611-06-20163 dayAs a resource person delivered a lecture on the topics, Biasing of BJT,FET&MOSFET,Small & large signal analysis of BJT and FET amplifiers, Feedback amplifiers & Oscillators. Participants-External-6, Internal-10

Project Contest
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Acted as a judge for the innovative project contest17-09-201617-09-20161 day50 projects in EEE/EIE/ECE stream / Organised by IPC,KLNCE
2. Acted as a judge for the innovative project contest15-09-201515-09-20151Organized by Innovation promotion cell

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. State level Technical symposium i caliber 1731-03-201731-03-20171 dayActed as a session judge for the Paper presentation contest organised by EIE department
2. national level technical symposium “REFLECHIR’1720-03-201720-03-20171 dayActed as a session judge for the Project contest organised by ECE department (projects exhibited-21)

Expert Talk
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Digital Signal Processor & Hands on using MatLab05-04-201705-04-2017half a dayDr.J.Uma, ,HOD/EIE,M.Kumarasamy college of Engg, Karur is the resource person. (Participants-34, IV sem EIE students)

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Industrial visit to EID Parry, Sivagangai11-08-201711-08-20171 dayIndustrial visit to EID Parry, Sivagangai
2. Industrial visit28-02-201728-02-20171 dayAccompanied third year EIE students to KKNPP, Kudankulam
3. MODERNISATION AND REMOVAL OF OBSOLESCENCE IN PROCESS CONTROL LABORATORY02-07-201228-06-20131 yearAll India Council for Technical Education, New-Delhi has sanctioned a grant of Rs.7.8 lakhs as a Principle investigator
4. ISTE Staff chapter secretary--Dec 2001to Dec 2005organised 15 programs

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