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Director, MCA
Master of Computer Applications
Qualification :M.C.A., M.PHIL.(COMP.SCIENCE), PH.D.,
Experience :31.11 (Y.M)
Email ID

Academic Profile
Research Work1
Paper Publication (International)3
Resource Person16
Awards / Achievements12
Short Term Course4
Training Course8
Consultancy Work3
Expert Talk22
Industrial Visit2
C S R Activity11

Research Work
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Ph.D18-11-201318-11-2013One dayAwarded Ph.D degree on 18.11.2013. Thesis title is "Mining of Projected Clusters in High dimensional Data using Modified Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm.

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Projected Clustering Algorithms - A Review24-10-201224-10-2012One dayPublished a research paper in the title Projected Clustering Algorithms - A Review in IJERT [International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology] in October 2012 [Volume 1, Issue 8]
2. "Survey of Grid Based Clustering Algorithms"16-08-201016-08-2010August 2010I have published a paper in the title "Survey of Grid Based Clustering Algorithms" in "International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (IJEST)" Vol.2(8), 2010, 3441-3446. ISSN: 0975-5462
3. PCFA: Mining of Projected Clusters in High Dimensional Data using modified FCM Algorithm--May'2012My Paper "PCFA: Mining of Projected Clusters in High Dimensional Data using modified FCM Algorithm" is accepted for publication in "International ARAB Journal of Information Technology" in may 2012.

Resource Person
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Acted as Judge for paper presentation20-03-201720-03-2017One dayActed as Judge for the paper presentation event in the technical symposium "Refliechir'17" organized by ECE department.
2. Acted as Judge for paper presentation15-03-201715-03-2017One dayActed as Judge for the paper presentation event in our talent show "Gala'17" organized by MCA students.
3. Acted as resource person and handled a session on DBMS in "Awareness on Computer Applications" workshop20-02-201721-02-2017Two DaysI have handled a session "Database Management System and its applications" for UG final year students in the workshop on 21.02.2017. 77 students have participated in this workshop.
4. One day Workshop23-09-201523-09-2015One dayActed as Chief Guest for the valedictory function organized by MBA department in their workshop
5. Short Film Competition25-02-201525-02-2015One dayActed as Judge for short film competition held on 25.02.2015 for Under Graduate Students
6. Acted as Judge for Paper presentation15-02-201415-02-2014One DayDr.MR.Ilango acted as Judge for paper presentation event in the technical symposium “BREZZY 2014” organized by Department of Computer Science of Sourashtra College on 15.02.2014
7. One day technical symposium12-09-201212-09-2012One dayActed as judge for the paper presentation event in the technical symposium organized by MBA department.
8. Foundation Programme - Infosys campus Connect23-11-200927-02-20103 monthsHandled RDBMS sessions for Students of CSE, IT in the Infosys Compus connect programme organized by KLNCE.
9. IBM Academic Initiative04-12-200606-12-20063 daysHandled sessions on DB2 for final year students of CSE, IT and MCA in the IBM Academic Initiative
10. Acted as Judge23-09-200623-09-2006One dayActed as judge for the paper presentation event in the one day national level technical symposium "TECHNOCRATS'06" on 23.09.2006 organized by IT department
11. Placement Training Programs18-11-200529-12-20052 monthsActed as resource person and handled training sessions on Database Management Systems (DBMS) subject for final year students of UG and PG.
12. FDP on Advanced Databases06-01-200508-01-200506-01-2005 to 08-01-2005Handled a session in the title "Distributed Databases" in our FDP on Advanced Databases to other college staff members
13. Faculty Development Program--Sep'2009Handled a session on "Distributed Databases" in the Faculty Development Program organized by CSE Department of KLNCE
14. National Confrerence--March 2010Acted as Judge for the paper Presentation event in the National Conference organized by MCA department of K L N College of Information Technology.
15. Mock Audit--Oct'2010Acted as resource person for Mock Audit in the Accreditation Process of MCA Department of K L N College of Information Technology.
16. Technical Symposium--Feb'2007Acted as judge for the paper presentation event in the technical symposium organized by IT department of KLNCE.

Awards / Achievements
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Annual day Data - Preparation Convener16-04-201616-04-2016One dayAs a convener, I have collected data from 11 UG departments and 2 PG departments from 9th April onwards. We have prepared the initial copy and refine it 3 times. Also, Principal Sir and Dr S M Kannan Sir also have added some more data and report was ready only on 15.04.2016.
2. Advisor - 18th Graduation Day26-03-201626-03-2016One dayActed as Advisor for the 18th Graduation day function on 26.03.2016. More than 750 graduates have received their degree certificates in this function. Mr S Shyam Sundar, Senior General Manager, Human resources, Brakes India Limited, Chennai was the Chief Guest.
3. Convener - Best Innovative Project Interview21-03-201622-03-20162 DaysAs a Convener, we have formed a team with Dr S Venvetesan, Prof. EEE, Prof. G R kathiresan, Mech., Prof. S Ilangoven, IT., and started our interview process on 21.03.2016. We have interviewed 5 innovative projects and selected 3 projects for awards.
4. Convener - Best Performer Awards21-03-201623-03-20163 daysAs a Convener, We have formed members Prof. C Ashok Baburaj /MCA, Dr N Shabnam / MCA, Suriya Narayanan, AP. Sr. Gr / MBA and started our interview process. 13 students from I year, II Year and III year have appeared for the interview. Our team has selected one Best Performer from I year, II year and III year.
5. Session Chair21-03-201422-03-2014Two daysActed as Session Chair for the technical session on "Data Mining" in the International Conference (IET'14) organized by KLNCE
6. Acted as Chief Guest15-02-201415-02-2014One DayDr.MR.Ilango acted as Chief Guest for One Day Inter College Meet “BREZZY 2014” organized by Department of Computer Science of Sourashtra College on 15.02.2014
7. Chief Superintendent - TNOU13-06-200919-07-200913-06-2009 to 19-07-2009Acted as Chief Superintendent for Tamilnadu Open University exams from 13-06-2009 to 19-07-2009. More than 9,000 students have written their exam in K L N College of Engineering in various disciplines.
8. Consultancy for Tamilnadu Open University14-03-200922-03-200914-03-2009 To 22-03-2009As a coordinator, conducted practical examination for MCA and PGDCA students of Tamilnadu Open University from 14-03-2009 to 29-03-2009. More than 500 students have written their practical lab examination on saturdays and sundays.
9. Guidance for a project team27-10-200615-12-20063 monthsGuided a project team (V Saravanan and N M Balaji - MCA final year students) in their project (Team name is TWIN STAR) in the IBM Great Mind Challange 2006 competition.
10. Guidance for a project team in IBM Great Mind Challenge 200609-10-200627-12-20063 monthsGuided a project team (Team Name Twinklers) in the IBM great Mind Challenge 2006 competition (Team Members: R Lavanya, B Narmatha, C K Jeyanthi Priya, R Prabhakaran)
11. MADITSSIA Membership Directory Project09-08-200528-12-20054 MonthsActed as project manager for the MADITSSIA Membership Directory project with a team of 6 students and successfully implemented it in MADITSSIA.
12. Consultancy for MADITSSIA10-07-200412-12-200410-07-2004 to 12-12-2004As a Project Manager, we have developed a Software in the title "Maditssia Membership Directory" with a team of 6 members and successfully implemented in the month of January'05.

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Two days National Conference - WINGS'1108-04-201109-04-2011Two DaysOrganized two days National Conference WINGS'11 in association with CSE and IT departments. 67 participants presented their papers in this conference.
2. National Conference on WINGS'0916-04-200917-04-200916-04-2009 to 17-04-2009Organized two days National Conference on "Wireless Information and Networking in Global Systems" on 16 and 17-04-2009 as CO-Convenor.
3. Conference - WINGS09-03-200610-03-200609-03-2006 to 10-03-2006One of the Coordinators for the National Conference "Wireless Information Networking in Global Systems" conducted by MCA and CSE departments in the month of March'06.

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Seminar on "Strategic Planning on Institutional Development28-02-201528-02-2015One dayAttended one day seminar on "Strategic Planning on Institutional Development" organized by IIPC of KLNCE. The Resource Person of the Seminar was Dr.D.Brahadeeswaran, Vice-President, SEED, Chennai.
2. ICTACT BRIDGE 201221-02-201222-02-2012Two daysI have attended a seminar in the title "ICTACT BRIDGE 2012" organized by ICT Academy, Chennai for 2 days
3. Seminar on Body Language and NLP Skills10-08-201110-08-2011One DaySeminar on Body Language and NLP Skills for final year MCA students

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Workshop on Business Intelligence27-07-201927-07-2019One DayMr.R.Aravindan, Programmer Analyst, CTS [MCA Alumni - 2017 Batch] has handled 2 theory sessions and 1 practical demo
2. Web Application Development using Spring and Django05-03-201907-03-2019Three DaysWorkshop on Spring and Django
3. ANDROID Mobile Application Development07-02-201909-02-20193 DaysAndroid Mobile Application Development - Hardware requirements, OD details Contributing POs: PO3, PO5 CO: MC 5402: Mobile Computing
4. HADOOP and Big Data Analytics26-09-201828-09-20183 DaysStudents have learned about Big Data and analysis using HADOOP. POs: PO2, PO3 and PO5 CO: MC 5502. Big Data Analytics
5. IoT and its Real time applications27-08-201827-08-2018One DayMCA staff members have handled sessions on IoT and its Applications
6. Artificial Intelligence for visual perception05-07-201806-07-2018Two DaysThis is a workshop on Deep Learning
7. Workshop on J2EE25-06-201827-06-2018Three DaysTraining is given on Java Scripts, Framework and Mongo DB
8. Mongo DB15-02-201815-02-2018One DayTraining is given on Mongo DB
9. Workshop on .NET22-01-201827-01-2018Six DaysSessions on .NET
10. Mobile Android Application Development04-10-201704-10-2017One DayI have organized one day workshop on "Mobile Android Application Development" for final year students through EITA Association. Mr Ashok Baburaj will be the coordinator
11. Workshop – Big Data Analysis organized by EITA association.26-09-201727-09-2017Two daysPOs:PO2,PO5
12. Cloud Infrastructure and Services21-07-201728-07-20174 daysI have organized 4 days workshop on "Cloud Infrastructure and Services" for 14 MCA students. Dr C Ashok Baburaj is coordinator for this workshop.
13. Raspberry Pi - IOT31-01-201731-01-2017One DayWorkshop
14. Mobile Application Development07-11-201607-11-2016One DayWorkshop
15. One day workshop on Effective Teaching14-03-201614-03-2016One dayAttended one day workshop on "Effective Teaching" organized by IT department on 14.03.2016. Dr S Mohan, Prof. Civil, IIT Madras was the resource person.
16. Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations04-03-201604-03-2016One dayAttended one day workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights and Innovations" organized by ECE department
17. One day workshop on ANGULAR & NODE JS for III year MCA students08-10-201508-10-2015One DayWorkshop
18. Python with NoSQL02-09-201503-09-2015Two daysWorkshop
19. Two days workshop on PYTHON02-09-201503-09-20152 daysOrganized a two days workshop on PYTHON with NoSQL for MCA final year students
20. One day workshop on Network and Cloud Computing11-04-201511-04-2015One dayOrganized one day workshop on Network and Cloud Computing for final year students
21. One day workshop on Soft Skills20-03-201520-03-2015One dayOrganized one day workshop on Soft Skills for second year MCA students
22. One day workshop on Corporate Ethics12-02-201512-02-2015One dayOrganized one day workshop on Corporate Ethics for second year students through EITA association
23. Two days workshop on Android Mobile Application Development22-08-201423-08-2014Two DaysOrganized two days workshop on Android Mobile Application Development for final year students
24. Workshop on Ethical Hacking18-08-201418-08-2014One dayOrganized one day workshop on Ethical Hacking for final year students
25. One day workshop on Big Data Analysis28-03-201428-03-2014One dayOrganized one day workshop on Big Data Analysis through EITA association for second year and final year students
26. Workshop08-11-201309-11-201308.11.2013 - 09.11.2013I have organized a workshop in the title "Writing Technical Articles using LaTeX".
27. AJAX18-10-201318-10-201318.10.2013Organized one day workshop by Prof. Subbu Raj, Thaigarajar School of Management
28. Cloud Computing10-09-201310-09-201310.09.2013Organized one day workshop on Cloud Computing by Prof. Raman, K L N College of Information Technology.
29. ISTE Sponsored One day workshop on Software Testing Tools15-03-201315-03-2013One dayOrganized ISTE spoonsored one day workshop on Software Testing Tools for final year and second year students
30. One day workshop on Mobile Applications using Android09-03-201309-03-2013One dayOrganized one day workshop on Mobile applications using Android for second and final year students
31. One day workshop on Internet Applications on Microsoft Platform29-09-201029-09-2010One dayOrganized one day workshop on Internet Applications on Microsoft Platform for other college faculties
32. Internet Applications on Microsoft Platform29-09-201029-09-2010One DayWorkshop on internet applications

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Competency Development Program on PYTHON02-08-201703-08-20172 DaysTraining program on PYTHON
2. Data Mining Tools30-09-201501-10-2015Two daysFDP
3. FDP on Cloud Infrastructure and Services28-07-201401-08-20145 daysOrganized 5 days FDP on Cloud Infra structure and Services for other college faculties
4. FDP on "Middleware Technologies"29-06-201229-06-201229.06.2012I have organized a Faculty Development Programme in the title "Middleware Technologies" on 29.06.2012
5. Two days FDP on Image Processing Algorithms and its Applications11-02-201112-02-2011Two DaysOrganized two days Faculty Development Program on Image Processing Algorithms and its Applications for other college faculties
6. FDP on Research Issues in Software Engineering23-01-201023-01-201023.01.2010Organized a Faculty Development Program in the title "Research Issues in Software Engineering" on 23.01.2010.Twenty Faculties from other colleges have participated in this FDP.
7. FDP on Recent trends in Operating Systems20-02-200920-02-200920-02-2009Organized a faculty development Program in the title "Recent Trends in Operating Systems" on 20-02-2009 for other college staff members.
8. FDP - Middleware Technologies10-01-200710-01-200710-01-2007Organized a Faculty Development Program in the title "Middleware Technologies" on 10-01-2007
9. FDP - Advanced Databases06-01-200508-01-200506-01-2005 to 08-01-2005Coordinator for the Faculty Development Program on "Advanced Databases" conducted by MCA Department
10. FDP - Software Quality Management & Software Documentation24-07-200424-07-200424-07-2004Coordinator for the Faculty Development Program organized by the MCA Department on 24-07-2004

Short Term Course
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Workshop on Python12-06-201715-06-2017Four DaysTraining on Python
2. Java Training29-06-201516-07-2015Fifteen DaysShort term Course
3. Short Term Course on JAVA23-06-201427-06-20145 DaysOrganized five days short term course on JAVA. Mr Rajendran Subramanian of Silicon Software Services handled sessions for final year students.
4. Short term course on LAMP01-04-201030-06-201010 daysOrganized 10 days LAMP short term course for final year students. Mrs B Vijayalakshmi will be the In-charge for the short term course

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. VYUHAM 201820-09-201820-09-2018One DayThis is a technical symposium with 4 technical competitions.
2. VYUHAM 201617-09-201617-09-2016One DayThis is a technical symposium
3. VYUHAM 201415-09-201415-09-2014One DayParticipation of Arts and Science College Students
4. Technical Symposium - VYUHAM06-09-201106-09-2011One dayOrganized one day technical symposium VYUHAM'11 for other college students. 85 students participated.
5. VYUHAM 201018-02-201018-02-2010One DayTechnical Competitions

Training Course
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Placement training program17-06-201921-06-2019Five DaysStaff from Six Phrase have handled sessions on General Aptitude, Logical reasoning and Verbal Reasoning
2. Training on AWS22-09-201826-09-2018Four DaysCollege has organized a training course in association with ICTACT. 10 of second year MCA have participated.
3. TANCET training program05-03-201506-03-2015Two DaysOrganized two days awareness training program for students who were appearing for TANCET'14 examination for MCA admission
4. Data Mining and Data Warehousing17-09-200517-09-2005One dayAttended a one day workshop in the title "Data Mining and Data Warehousing" in P.S.N.A College of Engineering and Technology on 14-09-2005.
5. IBM DB2 Universal database Training Programme20-12-200422-12-20043 daysAttended 3 days training program on IBM DB2 Universal Database training program
6. Advanced Databases03-10-200205-10-20023 DaysAttended a short term course on "Advanced Databases" in Anna University, Chennai.
7. E-Commerce26-01-200001-02-200026-01-2000 to 01-02-2000Attended 5 days program on "E-Commerce" in "Amrita Institute of Technology" at Ettimadai, Coimbatore.
8. Java Training Program01-12-199828-12-199801-12-1998-28-12-1998Attended a one month training program on Java in our college from 01-12-1998 to 28-12-1998

Consultancy Work
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Conduct of Examinations13-06-200919-07-20094 MonthsActed as Chief Superintendent for Tamilnadu Open University exams from 13-06-2009 to 19-07-2009. More than 9,000 students have written their exam in K L N College of Engineering in various disciplines.
2. Practical Lab examinations for TNOU Students14-03-200922-03-200910 DaysAs a coordinator, I have conducted practical exams for TNOU students
3. Practical Training to M.K.University DLP students01-04-200030-04-2000One MonthAs a coordinator I have organized one month practical training in C and Cobol for M.K.University Distance Learning Program (DLP) students and conducted test for them

Expert Talk
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Expert Talk on Current Technologies10-08-201910-08-2019One DayHe has handled a session on Big Data Analysis and Payment of online transactions
2. LAMP (Linux Apache MYSQL PHP)12-07-201812-07-2018One DayResource Person handled a session on LAMP
3. Cloud Computing30-01-201830-01-2018One DayShe has informed about Cloud Architecture
4. Big Data Analytics – HADOOP.11-08-201711-08-2017One DayDiscussion on Big data Analytics
5. Expert Talk on Soft Skills03-03-201703-03-2017One DayTraining on Soft Skills
6. Corporate performance Management22-10-201622-10-2016One DayExpert Talk
7. Corporate performance Management22-10-201622-10-2016One DayExpert Talk
8. Trends in IT16-09-201616-09-2016One DayExpert Talk
9. Enterprise Resource planning10-09-201610-09-2016One DayExpert talk
10. Web Design and web Development06-11-201506-11-2015One DayTalk
11. Expert talk on PHP05-08-201505-08-2015One DayTalk
12. Guest Lecture on Current trends in Information Technology08-03-201308-03-2013Half Dayorganized a guest Lecture on Current trends in Information Technology for final year students. Mr Ramanathan, HR Consultant from TCS is the resource person.
13. Guest Lecture on SAP Technologies18-09-201218-09-2012Half DayOrganized a guest lecture on SAP technologies for final year MCA students. Mr M S Srikanth, SAP basis Consultant, UNISOFT Infotech, Bangalore is the resource person.
14. Guest Lecture on Software Testing Techniques14-08-201214-08-2012Half DayOrganized a guest lecture on Software testing techniques for final year students. Ms Gladis Anna Jothi, Software quality Assurance Engineer, STC is the resource person.
15. Guest Lecture on How to become an Successful Entrepreneur05-07-201205-07-2012Half DayOrganized a guest lecture on How to become an successful Entrepreneur for final year students. Mr S Karthikeyan, Manager, Aavin is the resource person.
16. Recent Trends in Information Technoogy21-05-201221-05-2012One DayExpert Talk
17. Expert Talk on Software Testing12-03-201212-03-2012One DayExpert Talk
18. Expert Talk on "Current Trends in IT"12-03-201212-03-2012One DayExpert Talk
19. Expert Talk on Cloud Computing24-09-201124-09-2011One DayExpert Talk
20. Guest Lecture on Linux Apache MySql and PHP (LAMP)20-07-201120-07-2011Half Dayorganized half day Guest Lecture on LAMP for second year students
21. Expert talk on Testing Tools20-09-201020-09-2010One DayExpert Talk
22. .Net Technologies08-10-200908-10-2009One DayExpert Talk on Vedha Technologies

Industrial Visit
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Industrial Visit to SMP Diary07-09-201707-09-2017One DayMs Gunaseeli, Mrs R Kiruthika and Mrs B Geetha have accompanied MCA students
2. Industrial visit to BSNL20-07-201620-07-2016One DayIndustrial Visit to BSNL, Southern Telecom Region, Madurai

C S R Activity
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. PYTHON - Make it Simple15-02-201915-02-2019One DayTraining is given in two theory sessions from 10 AM to 1 PM. Hands-on-training is given in MCA laboratory from 2 PM to 4 PM.
2. Skill Enhancement Program on Computer Fundamentals02-03-201802-03-2018One Daytraining is given on JAVA, Oracle and Web Design and Computer Fundamentals.
3. Ideal Training program for IT Career12-02-201812-02-2018One DayHe has handled a session on PYTHON
4. Internship Program on “Awareness on Computer Applications” on 20.02.2017 & 21.02.201720-02-201721-02-2017Two daysTraining to other college students
5. Internship Program on “Ideal Training for IT Career”15-02-201716-02-2017Two daysTraining to other college Students
6. Internship Program on “Ideal Training for IT Career”29-02-201601-03-2016Two daysIdeal training for IT Career
7. Workshop on DotNet technologies and Java12-02-201612-02-2016One DayTalk
8. One day Java Training program to Yadava arts College students11-01-201611-01-2016One DayTalk
9. TANCET Training05-03-201506-03-2015Two daysTANCET Training
10. Training to School Students02-01-201502-01-2015One DayTraining
11. Training on MATLAB03-01-201403-01-2014One DayWorkshop

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Talent Competitions12-01-201912-01-2019One DayElocution, Drawing and Rangoli Competitions
2. Hackathon’2K17 – Honeywell Technologies13-10-201714-10-20172 Days3 Teams of MCA participated in Hackathon'2k17 conducted by Honeywell.
3. Alumni Meet07-07-201707-07-2017One DayInteraction with Alumni
4. Talent Show - GALA'201715-03-201715-03-2017One DayDepartment Technical Competition for MCA Students
5. Women's Day Celebration08-03-201708-03-2017One DayWomen' Day Celebrations. Competitions for Girl Students.
6. GATE 201606-02-201606-02-2016One dayActed as Deputy Presiding officer for Gate 2016 exams organized by our college in association with TCS. Totally 800 students have attended the Online exams in 2 batches (Morning 9 Am to 12.00 and Evening 2 PM to 5 PM). We acted as DPO for Centre 2 which includes 6 laboratories.
7. Internal Mock Committee Member - NBA work - CSE Department27-01-201627-01-2016One dayAs a member of Internal Mock Committee, visited and inspected presentation slides and documents with other members and given suggestions for improvement
8. Member in Physical Stock Committee28-12-201528-12-20152 monthsAs a member visited UG library with Convener K S K Subramanian sir and started to verify the physical stock of books, transfer of books to other departments etc
9. Convener - Best Performer Awards09-03-201510-03-2015Two DaysAs a convener, we have interviewed 12 students from I, II and III year among with team members Dr A Kannan, S Suresh Raja, R S Balasenthil, and T C Suriya Narayana Parbhu. We have selected one student as best performer for I Year, II year and III year.
10. Short Film Competition25-02-201525-02-2015One dayOrganized one day short film competition for Under Graduate Arts college students
11. Advisor - 17th graduation day07-02-201507-02-2015One dayAs a advisor, I have convened 3 preliminary meeting with Principal, HOD's, and other conveners for the successful execution of 17th Graduation day function held on 07.02.2015. More than 700 students have received their degree certificates in this function.
12. Bridge Course for Direct Second year07-07-201410-07-20144 DaysOrganized 4 days Bridge Course for newly admitted direct second year students.
13. Advisor - 16th Graduation Day01-03-201401-03-2014One dayAs a advisor, I have taken all necessary steps for the successful execution of sixteenth graduation day function held on 1st March 2014. more than 600 graduates have received their degree certificates in this function.
14. Advisor - 15th Graduation Day22-06-201322-06-2013one dayAs a advisor, I have made all arrangements for the successful execution of fifteenth Graduation Day.
15. Incharge for fourteenth graduation day11-08-201211-08-2012One dayAs a In-Charge, I have made all preliminary arrangements for the successful execution of the fourteenth graduation day held on 11.08.12. More than 850 graduates have received their degree certificates.
16. Convenor for Graduation Day10-04-201010-04-2010One DayAs a convenor coordinates all activities for the twefth Graduation day Function. More than 400 graduates participated.
17. Chairman for a probe committee05-03-201010-03-20106 daysAs a chairman, along with committee members Prof.SM Kannan and Prof. Lakshmi Narasimman called 6 students and asked about allegations against a staff member and submitted the report on 10.03.2010
18. Convenor for Graduation Day18-04-200918-04-200918-04-2009As a Convenor, coordinates all activities for the graduation day program. More than 400 graduates received their degrees in this function.
19. Committee member for EAP27-09-200427-09-2004One dayActed as committee member for the 8th Entrepreneurship Awareness Program Organized by KLNCE
20. Industrial Visit Coordinator01-07-200230-06-200501-07-2002 to 30-06-2005As a Industrial visit coordinator, I have arranged several Industrial visits. MCA students have visited Industries like Infosys, American Info Solutions, etc
21. Placement Coordinator01-07-200131-10-200601-07-2001 to 31-10-2006Worked as Placement Coordinator for MCA Department for 5 years. I have conducted various programmes to improve the technical skills, communication skills etc of mca students.
22. Project Coordinator01-07-200030-06-200501-07-2000 to 30-06-2005I have worked as Project Coordinator for six years. I have coordinated all project activities for final year MCA students of six batches from 2000 to 2005

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