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Professor & Head
Qualification :B.E.(CSE) M.E.(CSE)., PH.D.
Experience :26.6 (Y.M)
Email ID

Academic Profile
Research Work2
Paper Publication (International)11
Paper Publication (National)12
Resource Person2
Awards / Achievements5
Short Term Course1
Project Contest1

Research Work
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. A Comparative Analysis of Iterative Techniques Ensemble FSAC and Optimization Algorithms for E-Commerce Application--February 2012published in International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 39– No.2,
2. SPDM : New Approach for Personalized Web Search--Aug 2012Published in European Journal of Scientific Research Vol 63 & Issue 4

Paper Publication (International)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Efficient Way of Flooding Avoidance using ASF Algorithm in Wireless Data Centers01-04-201931-05-2019-International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management,Vol 2, Issue 4, April 2019
2. Improving Cluster Efficiency by Density Based Approach using Hybrid Optics01-03-201931-03-2019-International Journal for Scientific Research and Development, Vol 7, Issue 1, March 2019.
3. IMPROVING EFFICIENCY OF CLUSTERING WITH DRIFTING CONCEPTS USING DIFFERENTIAL EVOLUTIONARY PARTICLE SWARM OPTIMIZATION ALGORITHM15-02-201916-02-20192 daysSecond International Conference on Science and Technology, Engineering and Management(I-STEM 2019)
4. Stress Detection Using Classification Algorithm01-04-201830-04-20181 monthVol 7, Issue 4
5. Relevant Response Gathering in Social Forum using RapidMiner01-04-201830-04-2018April 2018Vol.3, Issue 2,27 April 2018, pg. 46-52
6. Travel Route Recommendation Using GA Optimization01-03-201830-04-2018Mar-Apr 2018Volume 4 Issue 6, Mar-Apr 2018
7. Support Vector Machine based Classification and Clustering for Identifying Unanimous Users01-12-201601-12-2016december 2016J.S. Kanchana and D. Sujatha, 2016. Support Vector Machine based Classification and Clustering for Identifying Unanimous Users. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 4150-4159.
8. Integrating Heterogeneous Agriculture Information Using Naïve Bayes and FCA J. S. Kanchana and S. Sujatha 308-31106-04-201607-04-20162 dayspaper is published in the international Journal on Advances in Natural and Applied Science (Annexure - II).
9. Improving User hypothesis using Locational-Social-Topical Prediction Framework01-11-201501-11-2015November 2015J. S. Kanchana, Dr. S. Sujatha Journal Name : International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, November 19 (2015) pp 39956-39962 (Annexure II)
10. Dynamic and Enhanced Mining approach for Customer Profiling using Direct Group Clustering Method22-01-201023-01-201022/1/10 To 23/1/10International Conference at Sastra University, Thanjavur.
11. Recommendation Engine Formation using Depth First Search and Genetic Approach--Jn 2015Journal of Computer Science 11 (1): 188-194, 2015.

Paper Publication (National)
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Differential Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for clustering with drifting concepts27-03-201727-03-20171 dayNational Conference of Recent Trends in Networking, Computing & Communication
2. Product and User embeddings for cold start product recommendation27-03-201727-03-20171 dayNational Conference of Recent Trends in Networking, Computing & Communication
3. Efficient route-alert influence maximization in geo social networks21-03-201722-03-20172 daysNational Conference in Engineering and Information Technology
4. Attainment of Best Similarity Measure for Two Documents15-04-201515-04-2015one dayNational Conference on “Technology Innovation in Computer Engineering -NCTICE’15” (Sponsored by ISTE) organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai
5. A Hybrid Approach to Social Context Based Scalable Recommender System11-04-201511-04-2015one dayNational Conference on “Technology Innovation in Computer Engineering -NCTICE’15” (Sponsored by ISTE) organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai
6. Fuzzy based clustering for Internet Security13-02-201415-02-201413/2/14 to 15/2/14published in National Conference on Reliability and Safety Engineering, Anna University Regional Centre, Trichy
7. A recurrent rule attainment from similar websites using novel algorithm14-03-201314-03-201314-03-2013conference conducted by Sun College of Engineering
8. A Novel Correlation Preserving Indexing Method for Document Clustering in Correlation Similarity Measure Space14-03-201314-03-201314-03-2013Conference conducted by Sun College of Engineering
9. Optimized Customer Segmentation Using Ant based fast text clustering31-03-201101-04-201131/3/11 to 1/4/11Emerging Trends in Computing and Network Technologies, KLNCIT.
10. Energy Efficient Monitoring Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks05-03-201005-03-20105/3/10National Conference at RVS College of Engg., Dindigul.
11. Proximity based User Authentication using CISI--March 2008National Conference on Network Engineering at Kamaraj College of Engg and Tech., Virudhu Nagar.
12. Clustering Unanimous Web Users based on Rating and User Signature--August 2014Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence, Vol 6, No. 3, 2014

Resource Person
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Operating System Concepts01-03-201901-03-20191 dayAcademic
2. Artificial Intelligence10-01-201710-01-2017one dayAct as a resource person for Artificial Intelligence at K.L.N.College of Information Technology

Awards / Achievements
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. 100% Achievement03-07-201631-10-20166 Months100% result for IT6702 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
2. 100% Result for the batch 2009 - 201301-07-201230-10-201201-07-2012 to 30-10-2012for the subject Soft Computing
3. 100% Result for the batch 2008 - 201201-07-201130-10-201101-07-2011 to 30-10-2011for the subject Soft Computing
4. 100% Result for the batch 2007 - 201101-07-201030-10-201001-07-2010 to 30-10-2010for the subject Middleware Technologies
5. 100% Result for the batch 2003 - 200701-07-200630-10-200601-07-2006 - 30-10-2006for the subject Data Mining and Warehousing

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. 3rd International conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS 2019)15-05-201917-05-20193 daysSession chair

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Digital Design and Rich Internet Application28-04-201128-04-201128.04.11attended at Anna University of Technology Madurai.
2. Software Quality Management And Documentation--one dayConducted by MCA dept at KLNCE during 2004.

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Python Programming21-09-201722-09-20172 daysResource Person for Python Programming
2. Data Mining Applications using MATLAB22-02-201623-02-20162 daysorganized 2 days workshop at KLNCE
3. Network Security Principles and Practices08-08-200809-08-20088/8/08 and 9/8/08Workshop at Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai
4. IBM Rational Unified Process11-07-200712-07-200711/07/07 to 12/07/07Conducted by ISSG Group at KLNCE.
5. Tivoli Reach Program27-03-200727-03-200727/3/07Conducted by IBM Faculty
6. IBM Eclipse09-09-200610-09-20069/9/06 to 10/9/06conducted by TCE.
7. IBM DB224-01-200627-01-200624/1/06 to 27/1/06Conducted by IBM Faculty

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Practical Python Programming04-09-201709-09-20171 weekTEQIP - III sponsored FDP organized by TCE, Madurai
2. Introduction to Internet of Things15-02-201716-02-20172 daysFDP organized by KLNCIT
3. Artificial Intelligence Tools23-01-201725-01-20173 daysAttended the TEQIP sponsored FDP at TCE, Madurai
4. Network Security Tools02-09-201603-09-20162 daysTEQIP sponsored 2 days FDP attended at TCE, CSE Dept., Madurai
5. Grid and Cloud Computing11-05-201613-05-20163 daysFDP attended at K.L.N. College of Information Technology
6. Effective Teaching14-03-201614-03-20161 dayattended one day workshop at KLNCE
7. cloud infrastructure and services27-07-201503-08-2015five daysFDP organised by K.L.N.College of Information Technology
8. Database Learning through Activity23-06-201427-06-201423/6/14 to 27/6/14Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
9. Data Mining Tools and Techniques - Practical Approach20-09-201321-09-201320/9/13 & 21/9/13Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode
10. Research issues in science & technology and successful publication in referred journals17-05-201317-05-201317/05/13conducted by EEE Department of K.L.N college of Engg, Pottapalayam
11. Datamining and National Security02-12-201102-12-20112/12/2011organized by Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.
12. Evalutionary Algorithms in Research06-07-201106-07-20116/7/2011K.L.N. College of Engineering, Pottapalayam - 630 611.
13. Research Funding & Patent Methodologies in Engineering & Technology04-03-201005-03-20104/3/10 to 5/3/10attended at KLNCE.
14. Visual Programming24-07-200925-07-200924.07.09 to 25.07.09attended at K. L. N College of Information Technology
15. Middleware Technologies27-03-200727-03-200727/3/07Conducted by MCA Dept at KLNCE
16. Grid Computing17-02-200618-02-200617/2/06 to 18/2/06conducted by Easwari Engg. College, Chennai.
17. Lesson Plan and Class Notes07-12-200502-01-20067/12/05 to 2/1/06Conducted by KLNCE.
18. Software Quality Management & Software Documentation24-07-200424-07-200424.07.04attended at K. L. N College of Engineering.

Short Term Course
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Building a Search Engine in PHP and MYSQL22-02-201922-03-2019Half day-

Project Contest
S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. Judge for Mini Project Contest23-09-201723-09-20171 dayMini Project Contest

S.No.TitleFrom DateTo DatePeriodDetails
1. 100% Result for the batch 2014 - 201801-12-201730-04-20185 monthsAcademic year 2017 -2018 even
2. Multimedia Presentation03-10-201703-10-20171 dayEvent Coordinator for Multimedia Presentation titled on "Non-Violence" at KLNCE.
3. 100% Result for the batch 2013 - 201701-12-201630-04-20174 Months100% result for IT6801 - Service Oriented Architecture for section A & B
4. 100% Result for the batch 2013 - 201701-12-201630-04-20175 months100% result for IT6801 Service Oriented Architecture for Sections A & B
5. Judge for International Conference06-04-201607-04-20162 daysICIET'16 organized by department of CSE, K.L.N. College of Engineering, Pottapalayam
6. Judge for State Level Technical Symposium09-03-201209-03-201209/03/2012at Sacs M.A.V.M.M Engineering College, Madurai
7. Judge for Student Projects & Open House Exhibition- 201112-02-201112-02-201112-02-2011conducted by K. L. N College of Information Technology.

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